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Severe Weather Arrangements

Severe Weather Arrangements


  1. In the event of a heavy snowfall, Mr Griffiths (site manager) will assess the school site and Ashford Road junction at 6.30am.
  2. At 6.45am, if we are still unsure of the situation, Early Birds will be closed (parents will be notified by PMX/Website/Facebook).
  3. I will continue to monitor the situation, along with my Senior Leadership Team and our Chair of Governors and will make a final decision by 8am.
  4. This decision will be communicated to parents/carers via PMX, Website and Facebook.


We feel by giving you these definite times, you will be able to plan your mornings easier and with less uncertainty. However, to ensure this system works well, we do need your help as follows:

  • Please ensure your contact details are completely up to date on PMX.
  • Please do not telephone the school office as this blocks our line when we might be trying to make urgent calls.


We will always endeavour to stay open in times of adverse weather conditions, but on rare occasions, may need to close, e.g. if the electricity or water is affected or if the roads here in Sheldwich are impassable.


Mrs S Garrett (Headteacher)