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Our Eco-Council spent 40 minutes today scouring the school grounds for rubbish.

Look at what we collected:



Our litter pick raised several questions from our council including,

'Why are we collecting rubbish in plastic bags?'

Good question!

The Eco-Council will be carrying out a litter pick all around our vast school grounds on Tuesday 21st January, after lunch. This is in preparation for a village litter pick later in the term.


If anyone has spare litter picking equipment, we would love to borrow it please yes

Eco-Council Ban Plastic Powerpoint

The Eco Council met for an afternoon of crafting and upcycling lots of treasures which we found in our homes e.g. shiny paper, milk bottle tops, pine cones, twigs and old Christmas cards from last year.


We made cards, tags and decorations which were sold at our PTA Christmas Fair at the end of November. The decorations which didn't sell have gone to decorate the beautiful tree up on the village Lees.


Thank you to all our parents who helped us by saving their recycling and donating bits and bobs to us.


Next term we are planning a large scale litter pick in and around the school!

Our Eco Council Representatives for 2019/20 are:


Emily C and Arlo                  Class 1

Safiyya and Edward D          Class 2

Nayara and Zach                 Class 3

Toby and Isla                      Class 4

Lucy and Luca                     Class 5

Eeva and Ethan                   Class 6



Eco Council Meetings 2019/20