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Little Hedgehogs Pre-School Information


If you have children between 2½ and 4 years old, and are considering Pre-School, why not give us a call on 01795 532779 or e-mail us on


Give your child an 'OUTSTANDING' start!


Little Hedgehogs offers Free Early Education places based on the 15 government funded hours per week (570 hours per year) for children who are three and four years old. We also can offer up to 30 hours of free childcare per week for eligible parents. These funded hours start the term after your child’s 3rd birthday. Further details are available at and on the Early Years and Childcare pages at


A child born in the period will become eligible for a free place

1 January to 31 March The start of Term 5 following their 3rd birthday (after April holiday)

1 April to 31 August The start of Term 1 following their 3rd birthday (after Summer holiday)

1 September to 31 December The start of Term 3 following their 3rd birthday (after Christmas holiday)



We have a limited number of Free Early Education places for two year olds (Free For Two). To find out if your child is eligible for FF2, please go to or contact the school for guidance. We will require the EY Voucher Code to claim funding for your child. Funding can be accessed on a rolling programme.


Entitlement to a Free Early Education place does not offer a guarantee of a place at any one provider or a particular pattern of delivery.  Funded hours can be claimed at any time from 8.45am to 4.30pm.




Fees for the year from 1st September 2023 to 31st August 2024 are as follows:


Session Times2½-3 year olds3 - 4 year olds
LH AM Session (8.45 - 11.45am)£22.00£18.00
Lunchtime Session ( 11.45am - 12.30pm) £5.50£4.50
LH PM Session (12.30 - 3.30pm)£22.00£18.00
Night Owls (3.30 - 4.30pm)£12.00£7.00






Fees are invoiced on a termly basis (i.e. six times per year) and must be paid within 20 days. All fees are reviewed on an annual basis on 1st September.


Meet the Little Hedgehogs 'A' Team Family

To see what Little Hedgehogs have been up to during the last couple of weeks, please click on the link below:

Mrs Ashmore Welcome to Little Hedgehogs

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Parents Voice 2023 

We believe we are an amazing setting but don't take our word for it these are just some of the comments from our fantastic parents at the end of term, what can we say but we are speechless as your kindness, it is simply our pleasure to have you at Hedgehogs. 


What can I say? Little hedgehogs has been an exceptionally good Pre-School experience for Martha for which we are so grateful. We feel the importance of early years’ work is not recognized nationally and are so grateful for gifted practitioners like yourself in out children’s lives. Thank you for making Little hedgehogs the wonderful place it is. We are so glad it’s not the end of our LH journey and look forward to Fred joining you. With love Mrs. and Mr. B.


What can I say! You are a Pre-School teacher superstar. We are so grateful for all your work with Martha and for the amazing pre-school you run. With love Mrs. B.


From your first tour around Little Hedgehogs when we met you we knew it was the place for Harry! Your enthusiasm and hard work in everything you do at LH always shines through! When I asked Harry how he would like to decorate this card for you he said “love hearts” which shows how much you mean to him too! Lots of love, Beth, Craig and Harry xx.


Thank you for giving Jasper such an incredible year at Little Hedgehogs! We thoroughly appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness that you put into their learning plans. We also loved all the events you put on for the parents- so cute! Jasper loves going to school and sings for us all the time. We can tell he is learning so much about the world. Thank you for being you. He is so lucky to have you as his key person. Enjoy the summer and have a fab time off. All our love, Meghan, James, Jasper M and Rafferty xxx.


Thank you very much for looking after Broden. He loves coming to Little Hedgehogs and has so much fun. Kelly x


“I love you with all my heart” Love Felicity L.


Thank you so much for taking such good care of Jasper, and making sure he’s all ready for primary school. Little Hedgehogs is such a wonderful, magical place and have been such an important part of both Jasper and Beatrice’s early years. We’ll miss you very much and wish you all the best! Katie, Al, Beatrice and Jasper B.


Thank you for being you and making my time at little hedgehogs a really good time in my life. From Dalton


I love you. This is my card for you. Love Martha


Thank you for being so warm and welcoming to Hettie! She honestly loves Preschool and you have played a huge part of her enjoyment, learning and development. All our love! Katie, Richard, Arthur, Henrietta and Lucy S xx 


Thank you for being Eliana’s key worker and advocate. Thank you for always smiling and making her feel loved and us feel that she is in very safe hands. Thank you for always making the effort to give the kids really good experiences- Eliana has had the best time as a Little Hedgehogs. Lots of love, Eliana and Family xxx


Thank you so much for looking after Ollie this year, he has absolutely loved having you as his key worker. He will definitely miss you but will be pleased to still see you about the school. Thank you. Kelly B.


Thank you for looking after Joe! He has really enjoyed his time at little hedgehogs so far. He tells us lots about what he does. Looking forward to next year! Josephs parents.


Thank you for being the best key worker EVER – I’ve had the best time at Little hedgehogs. Thank you for helping me when I fall over! I will miss you soooo much and I hope my little sister comes to Little hedgehogs then I can see you again… Love Ada xxx


Thank you for being the best key person ever for Elsie! Its true what they say “Big hearts help shape little minds” Elsie is going to miss you so much. Thank you for caring for my baby! Lots of love from Elsie (and her mummy) xxx


Thank you for helping our little people grow, they have loved their time at Little Hedgehogs and will miss it greatly! Thank you for all your support this year! Hope you have a lovely summer break! From Holly and Tommy x


Huge thank you to you from River and from us. He has really enjoyed this year and his time with you. Thank you for helping him gain confidence in the school setting. The fact that he loves it is largely down to you. Thanks, Hayley.


Thank you for all your support and care. I will miss you a lot love from James.


Thank you so much for looking after me this year. I have had the most wonderful time. I’ll miss you all very much when I’m at big school but thanks to you I feel so ready love Jasper B.


Thanks so much for the wonderful care and learning you provide. Sophia loves going to hedgehogs and has developed so much! Have a lovely summer, Libby, Tad and Sophia .


Thank you for being my special person and helping me learn and grow. Love from Sam.


Thank you for everything you do for me J Can’t wait for another year with you! Lucky you! Haha love from Lola


Thank you so much for being there when I needed you the most. You have helped me grow into the confident and noisy little boy I am today. I love coming to pre-school every day and it’s all because of you! I will miss you so much. Thankyou! Lots of love and hugs, Jaxon.


Thank you for looking after me this year J “Miss Burgess is kind and she gives me nice cuddles when I am a bit sad at nursery” Love Winnie 


We will miss you so much. Thank you for being the best key person, Love Rory xxx


Thank you for being such an amazing teacher to Imogen. She has loved coming to Pre-School since day 1 and this is all thanks to you. She talks about you a lot at home and will be eager to see you in September. Have a lovely summer and we hope you get to relax a bit! Imogen is very lucky to have you! Lots of love, Emma, James and Imogen (+ Ethan) xxx


Thank you for looking after me, I love you. From Luna


Thank you so much for everything you do for Ava Bear, she adores you, and so do we! She’ll miss you over the summer but enjoy the break and see you in September! Ava and family xxx


Thank you so much for being the best key worker to me. Thank you for listening to my made up stories J I hope to see you again when I go into Ladybirds. Mummy said she will bring my baby sister or brother in to see you. Love from Amelia x


I love you. I really want you to be my teacher. Thank you very much, (Martha said puch to make you laugh!) Martha


I think I will miss you the most (shhh!) Thank you so much for being so kind, caring and for always smiling. You’ve made my time at Little Hedgehogs one to remember. From Dalton x


Thank you so much for taking care of Angus he has had a wonderful time with you we will miss you so much. Love Laura and family xxxx


I can’t thank you enough for supporting Reu to be the happy little guy he is with you at Little hedgehog’s. Thank you for showing him so much love and care. He’ so lucky to have you for another year! Love Chris, Helen, Edward and Reuben xxx


You are so special to me you have helped me develop into such a happy independent person. The best ever teacher. Love Sofia x


Thank you so much for helping Pippa settle into little hedgehogs so well. She loves coming and often says at home that she wants to tell you things we have been up to which is testament to the relationship you’ve built with her (which she doesn’t’ give out freely!) love Hannah + P


Thanks for caring for Otis this year, Mrs. Scott. He says you are lots of fun!! Have a restful summer xxx


We are so grateful for all you have done for and with Felicity over the past few years – From her tearful battles to settle in – to the cheerful girl running up the ramp excited to see you and her friends, it’s been amazing! Thank you for loving, caring for and developing Felicity as you have, for the fun she has had with you and the memories she will treasure. We’re so grateful for the role you have played (and will continue to!) In both Asher and Felicities lives – Thank you. We hope you have a restful summer, Love Kath and Alex M – C.


“Thank you for looking after me this year, I have had a lots of fun with you. I will talk to you over the gate on day”. Anastasia.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unwavering nurture, care and support whilst Cecilie has been at Little Hedgehogs. During her time spent with you know she has grown so fond of you, her genuine intrigue to know more about your family and anxiety if she feels you may be upset with her prove ow important you have become to her. Thank you, I know she will miss you dearly – I’m sure you will see her little face at the fence often next year! Laura x


Thank you for looking after me love Alba x


Sophia say “Kiss, kiss, kiss”! Thank you so much for the care you take in Sophia’s development and the kindness you show her. We always know she will have a fantastic day each time she goes to Hedgehogs – she loves seeing you! Have a lovely break, Libby, Tad and Sophia xx


To all the staff at Little hedgehog’s, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the care and attention and fun you bring to our little Otis! Have a well-deserved summer Break! From the P xxx


I might not have been with you long, but I have loved every minute. Grace xxx


Huge thanks from River and the T family for a fabulous year. River has had a lovely year, often asks to go to school on off days!! Looking forward to next year! River, Hayley and family x


Thank you to all the LH teachers for looking after me this last year I’ve made some great friends and good memories that I will take over to ladybirds in September! I hope you all like your gifts love Amelia x


To all the team at Little Hedgehogs, thank you all so much for everything, Harry has loved his time at LH and flourished. We always felt happy knowing he was in a lovely place, being well looked after and having lots of fun! We will miss you all. Lots of love, Beth Craig and Harry xx


To all the staff at Little Hedgehogs,

Thank you for all you have done this year for Emersyn and Madden. They have loved this year at Little Hedgehogs and have come on leaps and bounds. They will really miss all of the staff and friends they have made. From Emersyn and Madden.


To the lovely Hedgehog ladies, thank you for taking the best care of Elsie for the last two and a half years. She adores each and every one of you! Although you’ll only be over the fence, I know Elsie is going to miss you all so much! Lots of love from Elsie xxxxx


Dear Little Hedgehog’s teachers, thank you for looking after me and my friends too, for such a long time. I’m going to ladybirds in September. My favorite thing to do was sweeping up at tidying up time J Hedgehugs, Anastasia.


Dear little Hedgehogs team,

What an amazing team you are! Thank you for being so kind to Martha and for all you have contributed to making Little Hedgehogs such a lovely pre-school. So much thanks, Mrs. B.


Luna has enjoyed a wonderful year and always looks forward to pre-school and comes home with a smile on her face. We hope you all have a lovely break – see you in September – Luna and family x


Dear Little Hedgehogs,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and love you show Eliana and all the kids. Thank you for helping her grow in confidence You guys are amazing! Eliana and her family xxx


Dear all the magical staff at Little Hedgehogs, thank you so much for being a home from home for Reuben – he’s sad he can’t come 7 days a week! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We hope you have the loveliest most relaxing summer break! Looking forward to catching up in September, all our love Chris, Helen, Edward and Reuben xxx


Thank you so much for making Ethan’s time at pre-school so much fun! He has come a long way and now talks about all of you, telling me what he’s been up to and pointing out everyone on his class photo! We hope you have a wonderful summer holidays and well deserved rest. Love Ethan and family xx


To everyone at Little Hedgehogs, thank you so much for looking after me and teaching me so many things love from Sam.


To all the ‘Little Hedgehogs’ staff! Thank you so much for taking such good care of Hettie over the past year. She has had a truly wonderful time! Lucy is looking forward to starting with you very soon. Katie, Richard, Arthur, Hettie and Lucy S.


To all ‘Little Hedgehogs’ staff,thank you all for being such incredible teachers to our jasper. He talks about you all the time and even makes me pull up your pictures on the school website when it is the school holidays so he can smile because he misses you. He hs come on so much since starting here and we’ve loved seeing him grow in everyway due to your care, love Meghan, James, Jasper and Raffety M xxx


To all the wonderful caring staff at Little Hedgehogs thank you for taking such good care of Winnie this year and for all of the lovely magical activities wishing you all a restful ( and hopefully sunny!) summer break, love Winnie, Becky and Rob M xxx


To all the staff at Little Hedgehogs, thank you for everything you do for Oscar everyday, love Oscar fuller


Thank you for another fantastic year at Little Hedgehogs. Cecilie has had an incredible year and will miss you all so much as she moves to BIG school! Likewise so will I !  thank you for your amazing support and care. Laura and Cecilie.


Thank you so much for having Tamar this year making her feel welcome and looking after her so well. She has started to really love Little Hedgehogs. Hope you all have a lovely and well deserved summer.


To all the wonderful team at little hedgehogs, Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful environment and being so caring and supportive. Imogen has really loved this year and you have all been wonderful during the last term when we have been through transition to a family of four. Have a brilliant summer love from Emma James and Imogen.


Felicity long has enjoyed LH and all the wonderful staff who have worked so hard. Thank You for everything you do to make felicity’s days so much fun. Have a lovely rest this summer. Felicity, Annabel, mum and dad.


Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. I loved my adventures at little hedgehogs. I’ll miss you. Jasper B


Thank you all so much for looking after Ollie this year. Also thank you for all the support you have given 0llie, Alex, Josh and myself. I cant believe that we have been attending little hedgehogs for 5 years and now our time there is over. All three boys have absolutely loved it. Love Kelly, Ollie, Alex and josh


Thank you all for being so wonderful. We could not have asked for a better Pre-School – Rory has absolutely loved his time with you all. We are so grateful that his first experience of education has been in such a loving and caring setting. We wil miss you all so much. Love  Harriet and Rory.


Thank you for looking after me. Ill miss you all. Lots of love and hedgehugs Angus.


To all the amazing little hedgehog staff. Thank you so so much for your hard work and kindness never goes unnoticed. We are all so grateful to be a part of LH family xxx Sofia.


Dear little hedgehog staff, thank you for making learning fun. Joe loves going to little hedgehogs. He cant wait to see you next year. From joe and his parents.


To little hedgehog staff, THANK YOU!! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for James (and Nicola) over the last 2 years. To watch him march off into LH with a great big smile on his face every morning and to still be wearing it at the end of the day says it all. All the best Lucy and Mike Weston.


To all the amazing Little Hedgehog staff! What can we say?! You have all been so kind and so fun for felicity over the past few years! Thank you so much for being such a positive influence in her young life – you will be missed. Love felicity m-c and her family


To all of little hedgehogs team, thank you so much for the amazing preschool experience you provide. Sophia has an absolute ball at hedgehogs and thinks you are all wonderful ( we do too!) she has developed so much. Have a great break. Libby and tod x (Sophia p)


Thank you all so much for looking after our little pickle Ava and giving her such fun days! She loves you all (she tells me every night) have a great summer Ava and the Partridge family xxx


To all Little Hedgehog staff, thank you for all your support with Etty and we hope you all have a lovely summer. Kelsey and Etty


Hedgehugs, Thank you for taking care of me and having lots of fun with me love Angus.





Early Years Talk

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