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Welcome to Class 5 - Foxes

Picture 1 Foxes
Picture 1 Mrs R Fairs Class 5 Teacher
Picture 2 Ms C Heywood Learning Support Assistant
Picture 3 Mrs S Stears Learning Support Assistant
Picture 4 Mrs C Maw Learning Support/Forest School
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Rapid Recall Cards.

Arts Week Bubble Wrap printing

Theme Park Rides

Theme Park Rides 1
Theme Park Rides 2
Theme Park Rides 3
Theme Park Rides 4
Theme Park Rides 5

Poetry Slam Competition

We held our very own poetry slam competition after the class had written their own poems either individually or in pairs. The themes of the poems ranged greatly from what they wanted to be when they grew up to climate change and things that scared them! Everyone performed brilliantly in front of their peers and the judges (including Mrs Garrett). But there had to be a winner and well deserved of this accolade was Archie yes

Winner of the poetry slam competition = Archie

Winner of the poetry slam competition = Archie 1

Fairground Art

We studied how artists showed things were moving in their work such as blurring and smudging, speed lines or the facial expressions of people in the picture. When then had a go at recreating our own. Here is a selection of our attempts.

Pencil Drawings of Landmarks from Oceania

Election Day

In class today we discussed what the election was all about, who could vote, who they could vote for and we looked at the manifestos of the main political parties. The class then participated in our own election, each being handed a ballot paper and they then placed their vote in the voting booth before placing it in the ballot box. We then had a live graph of our results. It was great to see and hear the passion of many of them smiley


Still image for this video
The children had a go at doing some beatboxing, including 4 main sounds.

Science Week - Lifecycle of a Star

Parent Presentation Year 5