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Welcome to Class 5 - Foxes

Harvest Performance - September

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We have learnt and performed the song September by Earth, Wind and Fire. Some of the class were very keen to add some dance moves to the performance.
We have had a wonderful week, immersed in the world of Harry Potter. We have made our own wands from chop sticks, written newspaper reports for the 'Daily Prophet', designed brand new broomsticks and different book covers for the J.K.Rowling books. We also dis some excellent descriptive writing about when Harry first set eyes on Hogwarts and made our own bookmarks in one of the house colours. Wow what a week, enjoy looking at some of the pictures!

Alternative Book Covers to the Harry Potter Books

Broomstick designs

Greek Olympics

Greek Olympic winners with their winning olive leaf crowns
We took part in our own Greek olympics competing in a sprint, long distance race, shot putt, long jump and javelin. The winning girl and boy for each event was crowned with an olive wreath.

Pandora's Box Homework

It was wonderful to read all your descriptions of your own Pandora's Box, they were so imaginative and creative. The designs were also very elaborate and it was amazing that some people even made their own box. Here is Sonny's which even has a host of terrible creatures inside.smiley 

Our names in Greek

We learnt about the ancient Greek's method of writing and had a go at doing our own names in Greek which were very affective.

Racing Rockets and Tumbling Toast

We have continued to experiment in our Science lessons by making our own rockets and investigating their design and the affect of air resistance. Then we tested out the probability of toast landing butter side up by varying the height we dropped it from or the size of the toast!

Science Investigations

Presentation to Parents

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Khan Academy - New Maths Homework

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Mrs R Fairs    Class 5 Teacher
Mrs C Maw   Learning Support/Forest School

Rapid Recall Card Year 5 - Term 1

National Curriculum Spellings