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Forest School January 2020

21st January 2020 - A beautiful day for Forest School




Forest School is run as a programme of activity over time to support children in developing a positive relationship with each other and the natural world around them.  We are very grateful to Lady Sondes who has given us permission to use the Church Plantation Wood and this has given us a super local environment to base our activities.  During a 6 week course, the children taking part, learn: how to take care of the woods, the countryside code, den building, knots and lashing, fungus hunts, tarpaulin erecting, flora and fauna photography and using hand tools, create chestnut badges and woodland caterpillars.









2019/20 Update

This is now our fifth year of Sheldwich Forest School and as well as our two Forest School practitioners, Mrs Maw and Mrs Caverly, we also now have a regular parent helper Mrs Twynam who spends Tuesday afternoon with us in the woods.

Many thanks to Mr Dean (a local gamekeeper) and his son, who created a fantastic seating area at the bottom of our school field, around our fire pit. We have already cooked several meals outside with the children and taught them about fire making and fire safety. The children have continued the efforts of previous years to keep the woods and route we use, completely free of litter so everyone can enjoy our little piece of paradise.



Our first group this year, from Class 6, made some amazing caterpillars and paracord bracelets. The hike on their last session went really well despite the wet and windy weather. We took the maps and compasses out with us and everyone managed to find magnetic north and orientate their maps correctly. We even had a picnic in the rain and we were all still smiling!


                                                                                                                     Mrs C Maw & Mrs C Caverly

                                                                                                                           (Forest School Leaders)