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Staff List

Come and meet the staff at our school!

If you have any queries which are not answered here, please telephone us on 01795 532779 and speak to either Mrs Linter or Mrs Crisp.

Mrs S Garrett
Chair of Governors/Director
Mr David Milham

Office Staff
Mrs J Linter  School Business Manager

Mrs C Crisp   Office Assistant

Senior Management Team 
Mrs S Garrett  Headteacher
Mrs C Lay  Assistant Headteacher & SENCO
Mrs J Linter  School Business Manager/Company Secretary to the Directors 

Phase Leaders
Mr J Cork      Classes 4, 5 & 6
Mrs R Fairs     Classes 1, 2 & 3  
Mrs A Ashmore   Little Hedgehogs & Class R                                                                            

Mrs A Ashmore                                Little Hedgehogs Teacher
Mrs F Dixon                                      Class R Teacher
Mrs N Hammond/Mrs S Morrison  Class 1 Teachers       
Mr B Daintree                                   Class 2 Teacher                                   
Mrs A Minty                                      Class 3 Teacher
Mr P Burns                                       Class 4 Teacher                                  
Mrs R Fairs                                       Class 5 Teacher
Mr J Cork                                          Class 6 Teacher
Learning Support Assistants       
Mrs J Caverly                                      
Mr A Grave        
Ms C Heywood

Mrs J Hilden

Mrs C Maw

Mrs S O'Connor

Mrs L Osborne                                                                            
Mrs J Pugsley                                    
Mr M Thomas  
Mr A Wallace                                                                                     


Little Hedgehogs

Mrs A Ashmore

Miss C Clark
Mrs K Scott
Miss D Hills
Miss G Burgess

Miss T Bristow


Midday Supervisors 
Mrs L Osborne
Mr M Thomas                      
Mrs C Maw                                          
Mrs M Kench
Mrs E Hope                                     
Mrs J Griffiths                                     
Mrs J Caverly
Mrs R Denton

Mrs J Pearce


Early Birds & Night Owls
Mr M Thomas
Mrs J Griffiths

Miss C Clark

Mrs J Pugsley

Mrs L Osborne


Site Manager
Mr N Griffiths

Mrs E Hope

Mrs M Kench