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Healthy Schools Representatives 2021/2022


CLASS 1     Rex and Dorothea

CLASS 2     Josh B and Ella

CLASS 3      Tommy and Emilie

CLASS 4     Leo and Connie

CLASS 5     Zach and Nayara

CLASS 6     James and Natalie

Fundraising Day

Term 3 Meeting - 8th February 2022


Firstly, we finalised and signed our letter about healthy packed lunches. During this meeting, Mrs Fairs shared that we needed to discuss with each class different ways to make sure that we are all getting the Government recommended 30 active minutes a day at school. We generated a list of possible ideas such as: daily mile, time slots on the fitness equipment, yoga, skipping challenges and active maths games. All the Healthy School representatives were asked to then go back to their classes and ask them for further ideas that would work for their class. They will be in charge or keep a record of how their class is doing.

Term 2 Meeting - Thursday 9th December 2021


Following on from our first meeting, the focus to our meeting was to draft out a letter to our school community regarding 'healthy packed lunches'. As a group, we had a discussion surrounding the contents of our lunchboxes and what we need to include in them so that they are healthy. We looked at a healthy eating plate and discussed the food groups that we should have in our packed lunches. The Healthy School Council felt that some lunchboxes are a bit unhealthy and so they wanted to write to the children's parents reminding them of the importance of a balanced lunch. I then typed  the children's ideas into a draft letter to be checked and signed off.

Mrs Fairs

Term 1 Meeting - 14th October 2021


I met with all the newly appointed Healthy School Representatives to talk about their role for the year. I explained that our job is to consider and look after the healthiness of the school. This comprises of us looking into  fitness and exercise and healthy eating.

I then asked the committee for aims and ideas for the year ahead and here are a few of their suggestions.

  • Smoothie bike workshop
  • Daily exercise as a class
  • Classes to take part in 1 minute exercise challenges a week
  • Healthy Schools Council to write and send letters to the parents about ensuring healthy packed lunches.
  • New sports workshops for each class eg trampolining/archery
  • A day of planting seeds for fruit and vegetables which each class will plant, look after and harvest.
  • Healthy shop selling healthy fruit and vegetable snacks
  • A healthy eating week


All of the suggestions were well thought out and I will look forward to whittling them down to some focus areas for the school year.

Mrs Fairs