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Healthy Schools Representatives 2021/2022


CLASS 1     Rex and Dorothea

CLASS 2     Josh B and Ella

CLASS 3      Tommy and Emilie

CLASS 4     Leo and Connie

CLASS 5     Zach and Nayara

CLASS 6     James and Natalie

Term 2 Meeting - Thursday 9th December 2021


Following on from our first meeting, the focus to our meeting was to draft out a letter to our school community regarding 'healthy packed lunches'. As a group, we had a discussion surrounding the contents of our lunchboxes and what we need to include in them so that they are healthy. We looked at a healthy eating plate and discussed the food groups that we should have in our packed lunches. The Healthy Eating Council felt that some lunchboxes are a bit unhealthy and so they wanted to write to the children's parents reminding them of the importance of a balanced lunch. I then typed  the children's ideas into a draft letter to be checked and signed off.

Mrs Fairs

Term 1 Meeting - 14th October 2021


I met with all the newly appointed Healthy School Representatives to talk about their role for the year. I explained that our job is to consider and look after the healthiness of the school. This comprises of us looking into  fitness and exercise and healthy eating.

I then asked the committee for aims and ideas for the year ahead and here are a few of their suggestions.

  • Smoothie bike workshop
  • Daily exercise as a class
  • Classes to take part in 1 minute exercise challenges a week
  • Healthy Schools Council to write and send letters to the parents about ensuring healthy packed lunches.
  • New sports workshops for each class eg trampolining/archery
  • A day of planting seeds for fruit and vegetables which each class will plant, look after and harvest.
  • Healthy shop selling healthy fruit and vegetable snacks
  • A healthy eating week


All of the suggestions were well thought out and I will look forward to whittling them down to some focus areas for the school year.

Mrs Fairs