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School Council Meeting


21st May 2019


Present: Mrs S Garrett, Mrs K Spencer-Brown, Ted, Keira, Ethan L, Sophie F, Myles, Ethan H, Emilia H, Zoe, Oscar F, Leo, Phoebe, Violet T and Felix L.


We have received a request from our school governors to look into the environmental impact of parents leaving their engines running in the car park and along the road. They are doing this to keep cool but we would rather they got out of their cars and found some shade to sit.

The children made some extremely useful suggestions regarding designing signs and trying to find a parent who might make them up for us.

We decided to run a competition to design a logo and it will go home as optional homework for half term.

We need a logo which clearly explains to parents that they must turn off their engines to save our environment. The design is up to the individual but it must be clear and easy to understand.


To finish, the School Council Juniors distributed our Fundraising Day posters around the school.

Our charities for this year are as follows:





Kent Greyhound Rescue



Fund Raising Day

We have started discussing our plans for the afternoon of Tuesday 16th July.

The School Council representatives will be feeding back to the classes and starting to gather resources to to make our Fund Raising Day a big success.

Kent Rescue Greyhounds

Kent Rescue Greyhounds 1
Kent Rescue Greyhounds 2
Kent Rescue Greyhounds 3
Kent Rescue Greyhounds 4
Kent Rescue Greyhounds 5

Look at all the goodies we collected for the rescued greyhounds during our special Assembly!




Thank you for your tremendous support over the Christmas period. You helped us raise £295 for Porchlight - you can see our Porchlight village below, along with the School Council representatives.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

Our School Council for 2018/19 has been elected by ballot and our representatives are as follows:


Class R   Felix and Violet

Class 1   Phoebe and Leo

Class 2   Zoe and Oscar

Class 3   Emilia and Ethan H

Class 4   Sophie and Myles

Class 5   Keira and Ethan

Class 6   Anna and Ted