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Welcome to Class 1 - Butterflies

These are the staff who work in Class 1

Phonics Year 1 Autumn 2 Week 5

Butterflies and Dragonflies had such a fun time in the snow! We were very excited to see it arrive and settle!

Phonics Year 1 Autumn 2 Week 4

Year 1 Autumn 2 Week 3

STEM week 2023 - This year our STEM week was themed around Movies. Within the week Butterflies watched a clip from Frozen of Elsa building an ice castle. Our castles were very inventive and all stayed up (and eventually melted!) We watched a clip from the lego movie and our challenge was to make a parachute which would go down a zip line. We also watched Harry Potter with Tom Riddle invisible writing book and we used lemon and lime juice and milk and a candle (with an adult) to make our writing appear. We also saw how popcorn kernels turned into popcorn. We have had such a fun week!

Year 1 Autumn 2 Week 2

Rapid Recall

Cursive handwriting

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Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted! Today our teddies visited us and we shared how special they are to us.

Phonics reading book




Our first drumming session

Science senses walk

Spellings 15.09.23

Phonics reading book - 15.09.2023 -

2022/23 Butterflies 

Butterflies have been working hard on their sewing (with the very kind help of Mrs Barker) to design and make an animal puppet for our DT project.

Smoothie dancing!

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Today The Team Building Company came to visit us and we worked hard in a team passing the ball round to each other being careful not to drop it and moved the stepping stones to each other to reach the end.

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Evan's Grandpa came to visit with his tortoises and Evan and Art helped to show and tell us all about them.

Butterflies enjoyed a team building game called 'The Giants Castle' where we had to work as a team to make things from the giants castle. This is the Giants table!

We kicked off Sports Week with a bang with some Yoga with Once Upon A Mat. We thoroughly enjoyed relaxing at the end too!


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This week Butterflies are challenging themselves to improve their skipping every day. We are keeping track of the number of jumps we can do in 2 minutes and checking to see if we have improved.

Butterflies played a 'Pass the hoop' team building game where we had to work together as a team to pass the hoop round the circle without letting go of each others' hands. We worked brilliantly as a team and we loved seeing all of the different ways we could could climb through the hoop!

Spellings 30.06.2023

Spellings 23.06.2023

Butterfies had a great day at Tyland Barn finding out about all of the creatures that can be found in a pond. We identified them and looked at them closely through the microscope. We then went on a minibeast hunt to identify the different minibeasts that live in both long grass and in dark, damp places. We even celebrated Violet's tooth coming out!

Spellings 16.06.2023

Spellings 09.06.2023

Phonics on the iPad

Throwing, catching and aiming in PE.

Having great fun guiding each other using directions. What a fun maths lesson this morning.