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Rapid Recall Facts

Message from Mrs Minty

Hello Class 3! You might have noticed that I’ve uploaded a few days worth of work all at once – I’ve started my maternity leave, but couldn’t leave you without work! Make sure you scroll down to find today’s date before doing the work, else you’ll be doing it all out of order.

After half term, Mrs Garrett and Ms Gower will be taking over the uploading of work for you. You will be looking at Persuasive texts, Traditional Tales and Traditional Poetry in English, doing lots of practise of the Maths skills that we’ve developed through the year, looking at Clothes and Coverings in Topic and Light in Science.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some lovely news with you all very soon. Miss you all, you’re all superstars and I’m so lucky that I got to teach such a kind, caring and super funny class. Hope to see you all soon, Mrs Minty xx

Home Learning - Friday 22nd May 2020

Hello Class 3! Today is the last day before the half term. Next week there won’t be any work set but when work starts being uploaded again, it will be a combination of Mrs Garrett and Ms Gower leaving you messages and setting your work. I will update you with what’s happening in my life soon and might even upload a little picture for you! I miss you all so much! Mrs Minty xx


Maths – Today, we are revising fractions! Remember that fractions are part of whole. The bottom number (denominator) tells us how many pieces the ‘whole’ has been split into and the top number (numerator) tells us how many of those pieces we have. We are thinking about adding fractions to make a whole today. The denominator will stay the same in your calculations but the numerator will change. Remember, our faction is a ‘whole’ when the numerator and denominator are the same. This is like when you get 8/8 on your spelling test – out of the 8 spellings I set, you got 8 of them correct, you got the WHOLE test correct!


English-Yesterday we focussed on a description of a person, today we will focus on a description of a place. Please choose one of the settings from the pictures that I have attached and use your best and most impressive vocabulary to describe that setting. You can write it in 1st person, as though you were stood in the middle of it, or you could write as though you are just describing the place but are not actually there. Remember, listing adjectives can get boring, no matter how impressive the adjectives are!

e.g. ‘The sand was golden, crumbly and hot.’ would sound much better if you wrote ‘The golden sand crumbled beneath my toes as it warmed my feet.’


Science – Today I would like you to make a poster or a leaflet about a material of your choice, so that other people can learn about it. You might want to do a bit of extra research on your chosen material before you start making your poster/leaflet.

You should include information on:

If your material is natural or man made?

Where it is found/how is it made?

What are the properties of your material?

How is your material used? Do we make things from it?


Remember to use some pictures and lots of colour to make your work eye-catching!

Home Learning - Thursday 21st May 2020

Hello Class 3! I hope you enjoyed listening to the worship songs yesterday, you guys love a little dance along to a song! We actually sang ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ at my wedding and ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ when my brother was christened about 20 years ago! My mum loves ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’ but I find it too sad!


Maths – Today, we are thinking about angles. We find an angle where two lines met, often at a corner. What letter does a right angle look like? It looks like an L! An obtuse angle is any angle that is BIGGER/WIDER than a right angle and an acute angle, is cute and small, so SMALLER than a right angle. The sheet asks you to use a set square (the triangle ruler type things we use at school) to help you work out which angles are more/less than a right angle. If you don’t have a set square at home, you could use the corner of a piece of paper. This will be a right angle, just like the corner of our set square is a right angle.


English – For the next couple of days, we are going to have a think about descriptive writing. We will be describing a person today and a place tomorrow. You can either choose someone you know and describe them or you could choose one of the people on the document I have attached and describe them. When describing people, we can think about what they look like, the clothes they wear, how they move and their personality. Remember, when describing personality we don’t say ‘Her personality is positive and kind-hearted’, we just state what they are like ‘She is a positive person with a kind heart and always knows how to make other people smile’.


P.E.- Today I’m giving you the choice of what to do in your P.E. lesson, so hopefully there will something that appeals to you!

Option 1 – the activity we would have done at school! After completing a few weeks’ worth of activities that I have made up, now is your chance to make up some of your own athletics activities. We have focussed on developing some running skills, throwing skills, batting skills and jumping skills. Try to develop your own series of activities, one for each skill, and teach someone in your house (or the whole family!) how to do all the activities and then complete them yourself!

Option 2 – do a Joe Wicks P.E. lesson -

Option 3 – if you didn’t do this last week! Follow this tutorial where Turbo, a judge on 'Alesha’s Street Dance Stars', teaches a street dance masterclass focusing on house dance. You could also look at this website , where it gives you some more tutorials for other dances, as well as teaching you specific moves commonly used in street dance. Now, have a go at making up your own routine!

Option 4 – A family game of rounders or cricket (if you have enough people in your family!).


Home Learning - Wednesday 20th May 2020

Hello Class 3! I hope you enjoyed designing your own school uniform and that you found the labelling OK. I always find it super tricky to remember that the colour comes AFTER the noun in French. I found this song helpful though, so you might want to give it a listen!


MathsToday I have given you some word problems to try to solve using formal addition and subtraction. First you will need to read the question and decide if it is addition or subtraction, and then complete the calculation to find the answer.


English -Today we will combine Topic and English! Please use the PowerPoint, the video at the end of this page and any other method you want to research the Viking Gods and Goddesses!

Now that you know more about them and their powers, think about what type of God or Goddess you would design and draw what they look like. Then, you can add information about them in the form of labels, a paragraph or a fact file.


R.E.- Today we are thinking about how Christians use music in their worship (it’s mostly a thinking lesson!)

Watch this video clip to see music being used in a church for worship.

Which music did you prefer? The traditional worship or the more upbeat and lively worship?

Listen to these Christian worship songs. After listening to each one, please write a sentence or short paragraph that answers the questions below.

Why is this music used by some people to worship God?

What does the music mean?

What moods and emotions seem to go with the music? 


After listening to all three worship songs, please write your answers to these questions.

What are the differences between the types of music?

Why are their differences?

Are the differences about what people believe or how they like to show their beliefs?

Home Learning - Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hello Class 3! I hope that you enjoyed the Viking house activity yesterday. Once Ms West made a whole Viking village with us a few years ago, using clay from the art cupboard and hay that she had at home. We set up some people to work in the village and even created a little plot of land with some toy pigs and cows on them.


Maths- Today, we are practising formal addition again, but this time we will be adding more than just two numbers. You do this in exactly the same way as with two numbers, but there will just be more numbers stacked up (and no, you can’t do it this way with formal subtraction!).


English – Today we are thinking about adding suffixes to words. Yesterday, we looked at sorting words into Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives. Adverbs (words that describe an action/doing word) often have the -ly suffix on the end of them.

Check out this website to help you remember the rules for adding the -ly suffix -

Your task today, is to change the adjectives in the table into an adverb, and then use each of the adverbs in a sentence.


French- Today we are using our vocabulary for colours and clothes again, so if you need a recap, use these links, or watch the PowerPoint, or go on PurpleMash – Topics – Languages – French.

Now that your memory is refreshed, your task is to design a new school uniform! It can look however you want it to butt after you have drawn your design, I would like you to label each item in French. Remember that in French the colour comes AFTER the item, e.g. une jupe noir (literally translates as a skirt black, but we would say a black skirt).

Home Learning - Monday 18th May 2020

Hello Class 3! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. One more week and Term 5 is over, a Term we will have done entirely online! Who would have thought it?! This week is a bit of a mishmash of activities in Maths and English, just recapping some things that we have previously learnt to check we can still remember them! Hopefully you’ve all received a postcard from me in the post. If you would like to reply or send me anything, just send it to school and Mrs Linter has said she will send it on to my house.


Maths- Just like Monday Maths at school, I have set you a little mental Maths test with a reasoning question at the end, so remember to explain your answer when you get to it! Remember, as this is a Mental Maths Test, you should be working out the answers mentally (in your head). When you have finished and it has been marked, you can use any written method you like to try to work out the answers of any you got wrong.


English- Today, we are sorting words into Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives. Can you remember what each of those terms mean?

Nouns are words that are things, like pencil, jumper and chair.

Verbs are doing words, like jumping, running and flying.

Adjectives are describing words, like beautiful, awful and terrifying.

Draw a table with three columns and give each column the heading Noun/Verb/Adjective. Then, sort the words on the sheet into the correct column, then add 5 more of your own words to each column.

CHALLENGE – add another column for Adverbs and think of your own adverbs to add.


Topic – Today we are thinking about Viking houses. How do you think a Viking house might be different to your house? - if you scroll down a bit on this page, you will be able to see an example of what we think it might have been like inside a Viking longhouse. Or, you could watch this video -

For your task today, I would like you too design your own Viking longhouse. You might do this by drawing what it looks like/drawing what the inside of it looks like, or you might want to do it as a model. You could use cardboard boxes etc or more natural materials like sticks, clay and hay (if you have them available!). If you make a model, be sure to take a photo for your Home Learning book!

Mrs Minty reads 'How To Train Your Dragon'

Some notes/suggestions for further home learning

If you are missing being active at break time and lunch time, then Joe Wicks has already got some videos up here:

and he has also said that he will be doing daily PE lessons on his YouTube Channel ‘TheBodyCoachTV’ at 9am Monday-Friday.


Hit the Button -

You can use this to practise your recall of number facts like we do in school. So far, we have learnt the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x table. Normally, we would learn the 9x table next so feel free to start that if you want to challenge yourself.


Remember to use Purple Mash to continue learning your French! We are focussing on Clothes and Colours at the moment but have also learnt general greetings, numbers, family members, months of the year and body parts. We sent your log in information home a few weeks ago. It is likely to be some variation of your name and maybe surname with the password ‘3’. There’s also lots more that you can do on Purple Mash so feel free to explore the website!


Picture 1 Squirrels

These are the staff who work in Class 3

These are the staff who work in Class 3 1 Mrs A Minty Class 3 Teacher
These are the staff who work in Class 3 2 Mrs J Hilden Learning Support Assistant

Performing Arts Week - I'm Still Standing

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What we are learning

We've been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We started by learning about the different jobs people had and why the River Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptians. Then we looked at the development of burial sites, leading to the pyramids being built. Our favourite thing by far, has been learning about mummification! We learnt about the process of embalming (including the removal of the brain through the nose - gross!) as well as wrapping and even had a go on each other!

We made our own Canopic Jars