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Friday 21st January 2022 - Spellings and Times Tables

Here is the class spelling list for this week. This list will be displayed in our classroom throughout the week. Every day, we will complete a short activity - designed to help you learn how to spell these words – in class. You will be tested on how to spell these words on Friday. You may also wish to practise these words at home.


myth, pyramid, Egypt, Egyptian, gym


Please use the log in details found in your reading records to get into TTRockstars. This week, we are practising our 11x table!




We had a great time thinking about our future in STEM week. It was a great opportunity for us to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths whilst also learning about important current issues. We made torches with Mr Blair, which we then designed and made a cover for, Mrs Blair taught us a lot about climate change and what we can do to help and Mrs Hayhoe bought her chameleons in. We also tried making and flying paper aeroplanes and designing inventions that would be helpful in the future.  

Stig's Den

We went to the forest and had a go at building some dens for Stig. We had to think about keeping him sheltered but some of us even thought to add a fire and a garden! Teamwork was key with this project and  we worked together so well that when we got back to school, we were all rewarded with a little cup of hot chocolate!

R.E. day

We really enjoyed learning about Diwali and how it is celebrated in Hinduism and Sikhism. We had a go at creating our own Rangoli Patterns. Some of us worked in small groups, making them with sand and rice in the traditional way, and the rest of us tried to use a repeating pattern of circles (drawn using a compass) to create one. This was very tricky! We also learnt some Bollywood style dance moves, made friendship bracelets (and learnt to plait) and designed our own Mehndi hands.

Bollywood Style Dancing


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Book Week Fun

Our first book of the week was 'Ella's Big Chance', a retelling of Cinderella set in the 'Roaring 20s'. We learnt about how it was a time of economic growth in Britain and about the Art Deco movement. This featured a lot of geometric shapes, repeating patterns and gold and black. We had a go at painting some of our own Art Deco inspired wallpaper - aren't they gorgeous (and very intricate)!

The Charleston was a very popular dance during the 1920s. We learnt a few of the basic steps during our P.E. lesson and then had a go at putting them together!

Charleston Dance

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Then, we moved onto our next book 'Little People, Big Dreams: Emmeline Pankhurst', where we began to learn about the suffragettes and how they fought for women to have the right to vote. We thought about how things were different now, compared to when the suffragettes were protesting. It also made us think about our 'rights' and what rights we have at home, as people of the world and in school.

Then, an actual 'Votes for Women' march entered our classroom while we were learning! 

We all had fun dressing up in some wonderful costumes from the past - can you guess which characters we are?

Class 3's Autumn Poem

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Small Worlds for Max

We thought about what Max might need in his environment and we made him a little house/shelter with all the comforts he might need. Then, we used these to help us write from Max's point of view!

National Curriculum Spellings