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Term 3 Curriculum Overview

Home learning update

Well done for another excellent week of home learning. I have loved receiving all of your work, photos and videos. I am so proud of your walking and will keep updating until Sunday night. Be sure to send me your distances walked. 


I also wanted to wish a past Happy Birthday to Ethan H and Skyla, who celebrated their birthdays a short while back. 


Some items you will need to collect  for Topic and Science are  (a magnet, toilet roll, metal paperclip, string, toy moving vehicle, newspapers, PVA glue and a plastic bottle). You might have an idea of some of things we will be doing. I also want to ensure you that I fully understand if the activities I set do not happen on the day I set them. 


Have a lovely weekend, take care and stay safe.  

Mrs Morrison, Ivy and Mabel 

Walking challenge  36km target for 1 week


Day 1 - With the help of Seb, Leo, George, Jake, Connie and myself we have walked 17.33km. 

Day 2 - Edward, Warren, Rufus, George, Leo, Seb, Jake, Max = 28.47km. 

Day 3 - Well done eveyone it is just day 3 and we have reached an amazing 59.63km. Great job (Edward, Connie, Esme, Hugo, Seb, Max, George and Ms Heywood. Let's keep going and see how far we can go in 7 days. 

Day 4 - What can I say Class 3, you are all amazing. The total up to the end of day 4 is an amazing 112.69km. I am so proud of you. Thank you to Ella, Becket, Mrs Morrison, Skyla, Max, Maya, Elsa, Ethan R, Ben, Seb and George. 

Day 5 - Here is an update for our second to last day of our walking challenge. Thank you to Jake, Connie, Edward, Henry, Jacques, Rufus, Leo, Mrs Morrison, Seb, Max, Warren, George and Florence we have reached 171.34km. Can we reach 200km by tomorrow?

Day 6 our final day - Well with the amazing help of Kit, Elliott, Warren, Florence, Henry,  Max, Elsa, and Seb we reached an amazing 222.45km. I cannot believe we actually did it, amazing! I am so proud of you all. Do you know this is not that different a distance than walking from Sheldwich Primary School to Oxford University. I am hope you enjoyed this PE task. Well done!

Maths 27.01.21.m4v

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Thank you to Edward as he spotted an error in the answers sheet for Maths. Oops, sorry! See if you can find the error and let me know. Well done Edward. 

Maths 26.01.21.m4v

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Monday 25th January 2021 Maths

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Monday 25th January 2021

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Maths and English 22.01.21

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Topic 21.01.21

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