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Welcome to Class 3 - Squirrels

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These are the staff who work in Class 3

These are the staff who work in Class 3 1 Mrs A Minty Class 3 Teacher
These are the staff who work in Class 3 2 Mrs C Maw Learning Support Assistant

School Trip

We recently went on a trip to Groombridge Place's Enchanted Forest as part of our 'Once Upon a Time' Topic. All the children, staff and parents dressed up as characters from traditional tales and enjoyed a day of letting our imaginations run wild! We played on the Robinson Crusoe play ship, where battles aplenty took place and many brave children and parents took to the skies, walking 20 metres above the forest floor on the treetop walkway. Then we played on some huge swings hidden in the trees (rumours were that giants had left them there) and saw the legendary Zedonk! 


In Science, we have been looking at 'Light'. We tracked Eve's shadow throughout the day and noticed how it changed as the day went on. The shadow appeared to move around and become shorter. We learnt that this was because the sun's position in our sky had changed throughout the day (because of us moving, NOT the sun!).

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In English, we have been looking at a variety of Traditional Tales. We have thought about how the story might be different from another character's point of view, as well as how they might be different if they were set in the modern day. We read a script for a play of Cinderella and performed it to the class. This helped us to become more aware of the features of a script, so that we could then write one of our own.