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End of term message from Ms Gower

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Friday 17th July

Yay 🎉 it is the last day of the term and, by the end of today, you have completed what has turned out to be, a rather strange year as Squirrel Class! Maths is a final investigation based on Pentominoes and there are gross recipes in English - maybe you could make one of these recipes over the summer breakwink

Every single one of you are amazing and I’m so proud of all your hard work. I am looking forward to seeing you flourish further as Otters 😆

I hope you, and your families, have a wonderful summer holiday and a well earned break.

Best wishes,

Ms Gower

All about Mrs Morrison

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Thursday 16th July

Good morning Class 3. Today is your penultimate day of being a Squirrelsurprise To mark this occasion you have a game to play in Maths called 'Place that Pentomino'. If you have played the strategy game 'Blokus', you will be super at this game as it is very similar. In English you have crossword puzzles wink


Enjoy your last few days as a Squirrel; soon you will morph in to an Otter smiley


Ms Gower

Wednesday 15th July

Hello Class 3. Did you think of some fun jokes yesterday?

Today you have a Maths challenge; is your name worth more than mine? Ms Gower is worth 45p!laugh Have fun finding out the cost of your name - the activity is in the star below...

In English you have a comprehension based on Dragons. Having read your fab Home Learning books, I know how knowledgeable you are about Dragons yes


Enjoy the Home Learning today.


Ms Gower

Tuesday 14th July

Wow Class 3, it was super to see so many of you yesterday. Thank you so much for coming in to see myself, Mr Burns and the Lockdown Gallery -  so great to see your smiling faces and to see how much you have grown.  smiley


Today in Maths, you will be having fun making nets of open and closed cubes. In English, you will need a partner to play a game that I still play with my grown up family; it is such fun and a real giggle 😆

Hope you enjoy yourselves,


Ms Gower



Monday 13th July

Good morning Class 3. I hope you had the most fabulous weekend and enjoyed the glorious weather. I can't believe that this will be your final week of Home Learning before the summer break; time has flown by smiley I hope you enjoy the fun activities that have been planned for you this week in English and Maths. Today you will be doing an investigation in Maths based on Polyominoes. If you have played dominoes and the game Tetris, you will be super good at this! In English, your work will be focused around jokes - I remember from 'Sheldwich has got talent' how great some of you are at telling jokes wink Have Fun!


I'm looking forward to seeing you today and I know Mr Burns has enjoyed reading your 'All about me' that some of you have sent to him at


Well done Squirrels,


Ms Gower

50 Things To Do Before You're 11 3/4 

For this final week of term, as well as your daily English and Maths tasks, we’d like to challenge you to make a start on the National Trust’s list of 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾. A handy pdf of the poster is attached below, and you can find more details about each of the activities on the National Trust website here:

Friday 10th July

Wow, Class 3 who would have thought today is Friday and it is the weekend tomorrow! You have some Fun Friday activities today...

In Maths we are looking at different pyramids and in English you are making your own menus. I wonder what your 'Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Menu' will be surprise

Your third activity today is marvellous music. Enjoy listening to Snarky Puppy - Lingus (the link is in the PDF below); I loved the bass rhythm and  brass tune wink

Have a fabulous weekend Squirrels and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Ms Gower

Thursday 9th July

Good morning lovely Class 3. It has been so very fabulous to chat to you all this week and myself and Mr Burns are very much looking forward to seeing you briefly next week.

Today we are carrying on looking at 3D shapes in Maths and in English you are pretending to be a Teacher! Have fun writing your own set of STRICT  rules wink


Today in P.E. Mrs Fairs has set you a group of challenges to have a go at. All of the activities you should complete in 1 minute. How many can you do? I will have a go as well – so make sure you beat Mrs Fairs smiley

  1. Skipping Challenge
  2. Socks in a box
  3. Star Jumps
  4. Tap up Tennis
  5. Obstacle Course

Have a look at the challenge cards uploaded below for specific details.

 Enjoy today.

Ms Gower

Amazing Topic work

James' awesome design
Max's marvellous mouse outfit
Sophie's stylish clothing

Wednesday 8th July


Good morning Super Squirrels. Well done on those of you who have sent your 'All about me' to Mr Burns; he has really enjoyed reading them and is looking forward to meeting you all.


Today in Maths, we are looking at 3D shapes and there is a Power point with audio to help you if you are stuck. Do you remember at the beginning of this term you wrote a fabulous letter to The Woodcutter using Purple Mash? Well,  today one of your English tasks is to write a letter to Alexander; so remember the layout and style of writing you used for The Woodcutter yes

Over the last couple of weeks in Science we have become experts (thanks to Mrs Fairs wink) on light and shadows. Now we are ready to have a go at creating our own shadow puppets- Yay laugh 

Have fun Class 3,

Ms Gower

Tuesday 7th July

Hello Class 3. It was so lovely chatting to some of you again yesterday and I look forward to talking to more of you later on in the week  wink

Hope you enjoyed your 'All about me' work. I bet it is just as fabulous as you are! Mr Burns is very lucky to be teaching you next year. Don't forget to send you work to


In Maths today we are halving 2 digit numbers and in English there is a comprehension task yes If you have time there are some extra fun activities in English focusing on comparing the written story with a film version.

Take a look at some of  the wonderful clothes coverings made by some of you; I've uploaded them below... So proud of you all.

Your task today is to evaluate your design and product. Scroll down for your evaluation template which is attached in the PDF.


Well done Class 3

Ms Gower

Clothing evaluation

Monday 6th July

Good morning Class 3. I hope you had super weekend. Today you have a very important task to do. As well as Maths and English you have a very special activity to complete; it is the 'All about me' task. wink This is such a special and unique task because you are a fabulous class! This activity will be seen by Mr Burns and he has heard so many wonderful things about you all he is very much looking forward to seeing your 'All about me' activity and getting to know all about you - you fabulous squirrels laugh


The 'All about me' instructions are explained in the PDF below...


So Class 3, not only do you have an important activity to complete, but we still have Maths and English work to focus on! In Maths we will be doubling 2 digit numbers and in English we will be writing a description or profile of Alexander - who is a character in the story 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day'. The weekly plans are saved in the star dated 6th July below.

Have fun today lovely Class 3yes

Message from Mrs Minty!

Hello Class 3!

How are you all doing? I hope you're all well. I miss you all so much and I can't believe that you're nearly in Year 4. Being your teacher was amazing, and although we didn't get to spend the whole year together, I'm so grateful for the time that we had together and I can't wait to see you all again. 

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the voucher you got us. We haven't decided what we'll use it for yet, but it'll be an extra special treat for Millie and I'll make sure to tell her it's from you all. Also, I really enjoyed your pictures, letters and cards - that was an extra special treat for me!


This week, Millie will turn 6 weeks old and has just started to smile at us (and not just when she has wind)!


Love, Mrs Minty xxx

Friday 3rd July

Bonjour Class 3 smiley 

Today, as well as your English and Maths activities, you have a French task yes Oui! Oui!

In Maths we are doing some more work on 2d shapes. This time looking at symmetry and angles. The last activity is a shape game which is fun to do with a parent or sibling. I had great fun doing it with my son, Charles!

In English we are looking at 'Prepositions'. The Powerpoint helps explain this grammatical word and you have some exercises to complete.

Have a fun Friday Class 3 and a super duper weekend laugh


Ms Gower

Thursday 2nd July

Hello Class 3. I hope you had fun with the calligrams and symmetry yesterday laugh

Today in Maths we are moving on to 2d shapes and In English we are looking at conjunctions and clauses. You will need a ruler to draw the shapes in Maths yes

For your third activity we are doing R.E. today. We have been focusing on Christianity over the last few weeks and today we will be looking at equality and injustices in Religion - lots to discuss today!

Have fun,

Ms Gower

A picture of a beach from the word beach.

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Wednesday 1st July

Good morning lovely Class 3. I hope the weather improves today so that you can do the Science task - it is all about 'Sun Safety' cool

In Maths we have a change today - we are looking at Symmetry yes

In English we are doing  fun activity based on calligrams. Take a look at 'Bembos Zoo'. The link  can be found in Wednesday's PDF in the star dated 29th June - it looks fun!

I was inspired by this English lesson and have had a go at drawing a picture from the word 'beach'. Have a look at the video below to see how I got on ...


See you soon Super Squirrels,


Ms Gower

Tuesday 30th June

Good morning Class 3. Isn't Millie completely adorable with a gorgeous smile just for you smiley


In Maths today we will be doing some more adding and subtraction with 'near' multiples of 10. e.g. 356-41=

In English there are 3 tasks and if this is too much remember that you can choose one activity and do that activity really well.

Today is Tennis Tuesday and in P.E. today Mrs Fairs has made two demonstration videos for you to watch and there are YouTube links in the PDF below the stars  yes


Have fun Super Squirrels,


Ms Gower

P.E. Tennis Tuesday

Tuesday Tennis warm up

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Tennis Tuesday 🎾

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Monday 29th June

Good Morning Class 3 and welcome back to Week 5 of Term 6. I hope you all had a good weekend and are raring to go for this week's Home Learning...


In Maths today we are focusing on adding and subtracting in multiples of 10 and 100. Some of you may remember doing this earlier on in the year with Mrs Minty but today we are refreshing our memories on the simplest way to add 10 and 100 and also applying it to word problems - have a go at the  'Hot' Practice sheet yes


In English we are using speech marks in our writing. First listen to the emotive song 'King of Rome' which is full of hope and is accompanied by some beautiful illustrations. The link can be found in Monday's PDF document in the star dated 29th June below.


We are continuing with our clothes making in Topic. Last week you designed an outfit to play sports in, to go to a disco in, to wear in a fashion show, to wear on holiday or an outfit for your soft toy/ doll etc. and today you will be making the outfit! When you are making the outfit think very carefully about the material you are using, how you will join pieces of the material together and whether you will be decorating the material. If you take a photo of the finished garment, you could send me it via the class email page:


If you haven't already done so, it would be really great if you could send a photo or piece of work (no more than A4 in size) to the Gallery email:

The photo, montages and pictures that have already arrived look amazing on the display boards at school and it's wonderful to see all the fabulous things you have done during 'Lockdown'.


Well done everyone,


Ms Gower laugh


Friday 26th June

Well done Class 3 you have worked hard this week and I hope the sun continues to shine for you this weekend.


 Today is week four of your spellings for Term 6.

Just like Mrs Minty, these are the spellings that would have been sent home today:

Classroom group:  

Remember, probably, favourite, special, different, difficult, important, perhaps


Mrs Hilden’s group:

please learn the following words plus 4 from the topic list above: us, other, food, fox, through


If you have someone who can help you at home that is brilliant. You could say a sentence to your helper that contains the word which would show that you understand the meaning of the word or you could try spelling the word like a formal spelling test.


Your Maths work today is 'fraction fun Friday' e,g.3/4 of 35 =?

In English, as well as the above spellings, you will looking at more adverbs and reading more  animal poems.


In P.S.H.E. today you are going to thinking all about yourself heart You are going to be reflecting on what has happened this year in Class 3, the positives and the negatives. You are  also going to be thinking about the future – what you want to achieve next year and what you expect next year.  You are all completed stars and have so much to celebrate. If you wanted to share with me your successes you could email me them on the class email address yes

Your P.S.H.E. activity can be found in the PDF below the stars. 


Have a really great weekend Class 3, you deserve it wink


Thursday 25th June

Wow Class 3, I hope you have been okay in the hot weather. It looks like it is going to be another scorcher today!


In Maths today we will be focusing in on fractions of amounts e.g. 1/2 of 18. Have a look at the extension task; the investigation looks good.

In English we will be using the poem 'The Cow' by Robert Louis Stevenson to help us understand and use adverbs.


Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at Christianity and what Christians believe and how they worship. Today, we’re going to focus on what Christians do for others. I know how much you do for your family and others in the community I'm sure you will enjoy the task which can be found in the PDF below the English and Maths stars.


Take care in the sun. yes

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning Class 3.laugh

Today in English you have a clip of a film to watch. The entire film is really long so you only need to watch the first 2 1/2 minutes! There are three activities linked to the film clip and if this too much, and you would rather enjoy the splendid weather, then it is absolutely fine to choose just one task.

In Maths you are continuing to calculate the difference between two numbers in practical everyday activities.

Your Science lesson is all contained in the Powerpoint below the English and Maths stars. There are three activities to try using a mirror. I have uploaded a video of me doing Activity 3  - I had to really concerntrate! See if can you do a better job than me - good luck!

mirror writing.MOV

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Tuesday 23rd June

Hello Class 3. I am really very impressed with the Home Learning books that you have brought in to school for myself and Mrs Garrett to look at.  If you haven't already popped your books in the crate at the drop off point please do - I'm so looking forward to see them. wink


In English you will be focusing on speech and using the story 'King of the sky' that you listen to yesterday as inspiration.

In Maths you will be putting your subtraction knowledge to good use and working out change for money.

You have a fab, fun P.E. lesson today based on the connect 4 game - enjoy! 

Monday 22nd June 


In Maths today you are revising the 'frog' or 'kangaroo' method to calculate subtractions. I know you have used this method before and today you will be practising this method with 3 digit numbers.

In English you have three activities. If this is too much please choose the one you would like to do. The first is a comprehension based on a story. The second requires you to compare and describe two pictures - this is very personal to me as the second picture is of the town in which my Grandparents lived in Wales; try to imagine me playing happily within this picture - I have many fond memories of this town. The third activity is a  piece of independent writing.

Today in Topic, we are starting our three week project on Clothes and Covering; it's the planning stage this week, the making stage next week and evaluating our project on the final week. I know some of you have already made clothes during your time at home and if this is the case please feel free to use these as your project. 

As always, do not worry if you can not do everything, try your best - what's important is to have fun and enjoy learning.laugh

Good morning Class 3. I hope you had a good weekend and those of you who were celebrating Father's Day had a fabulous time. smiley

The Maths and English tasks for this week can be found in the stars dated 22nd June and your bespoke activity, based on our foundation subjects, is in the PDF below.

HOME LEARNING UPDATE - 15th June 2020 


Hello Class 3,


I hope that you have had a good weekend. A letter went home to your parents on Thursday 11th , explaining that the teachers whose classes are not back at school yet, will now need to spend time in school assisting with the provision for Key Workers’ children. Instead of daily Maths and English activities, I will now be uploading a weekly unit of Maths and English work. I will continue to upload a bespoke daily activity based on one of our foundation subjects as usual.   


To access the new lesson resources, simply click on the star (for the correct week) on the class page. Inside, you will see an instructional PowerPoint for each topic (which you can refer back to through the week) and then a lesson for each day of the week in PDF form. 

As always, do not worry if you can’t do everything, try your best - what’s most important is to have fun and enjoy learning.


I am really looking forward to seeing your Home Learning books. You can now share with me some of your proudest pieces of work by sending them to me at our new class email address: 


Ms Gower

Thursday 18th June

Good morning Class 3. It has been really lovely to see some of your Home Learning books, they are really amazing and I am very impressed with all the work you have done. heart

Today in English you are going to be learning about the progressive form of past tense. Don't worry, the PowerPoint with audio will explain everything but as an example:

I 'played' football is past tense.

I 'was playing' football is progressive past tense.

In Maths you will be focusing again on 'Time'. But today you will be applying your Time knowledge to every day problems such as television programme times.

You will find all the activities in the stars above.

Our other lesson today is R.E. and we will be finding out how Christians celebrate Holy Communion.

Have fun today Super Squirrels.

Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Super Squirrels. I hope you have enjoyed the marvellous weather over the last two days. Today in English we will be focusing on using the 'Past Tense'. After you have read the poem 'A Good Play',  there is an audio PowerPoint to help you use the past tense correctly. Both of these can be found under 'Wednesday' in the English Star. 'Time' is the focus for Maths - both analogue and digital yes

In Science you will be looking at 'Reflective light'. Mrs Fairs has made you another video to introduce this lesson.smiley

Science - reflective light


Still image for this video

Tuesday 16th June

Hello Class 3 I hope you clicked on the stars above yesterday and enjoyed learning about Arthur and The Sword in the Stone; it's a marvellous legend and you will be doing more work on this story today. In Maths you will be doing subtraction and Mrs Fairs has a great tennis demonstration for you to watch before looking at your P.E. task which can be found in the PDF file below.

Have fun today Super Squirrels laugh

Tennis warm up.MP4

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Tennis Demo 2.MP4

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Monday 15th June - Topic

Mrs Minty's baby, Millie, is waving hello to you all!

Rapid Recall Facts

Some notes/suggestions for further home learning

If you are missing being active at break time and lunch time, then Joe Wicks has already got some videos up here:

and he has also said that he will be doing daily PE lessons on his YouTube Channel ‘TheBodyCoachTV’ at 9am Monday-Friday.


Hit the Button -

You can use this to practise your recall of number facts like we do in school. So far, we have learnt the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x table. Normally, we would learn the 9x table next so feel free to start that if you want to challenge yourself.


Remember to use Purple Mash to continue learning your French! We are focussing on Clothes and Colours at the moment but have also learnt general greetings, numbers, family members, months of the year and body parts. We sent your log in information home a few weeks ago. It is likely to be some variation of your name and maybe surname with the password ‘3’. There’s also lots more that you can do on Purple Mash so feel free to explore the website!



These are the staff who work in Class 3

Mrs A Minty    Class 3 Teacher
Mrs J Hilden   Learning Support Assistant