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Term 1 Curriculum Overview

Geography & Design Technology Day

Today, during our Geography and Design Technology day, Class Six have been focusing on food production. We started the day by thinking about where in the world our food comes from and the concept of seasonality. We discussed what issues might result from always having all food products available to buy all year round and the positive impacts of eating food that is seasonal and produced more locally. Working in small groups, we made batches of our very own 'Badgers Quick Pickle Slaw' using in-season British fruit and vegetables and a few store cupboard staples. Our peeling, chopping, grating, macerating and portioning skills were on top form. Next we looked at label design, thinking about how the label on the front of our quick pickle jar needs to entice a buyer and how the back needs to inform them - we designed our labels in our books before transferring to stickers to affix to our jars. In the afternoon, we walked through the beautiful countryside and recently harvested fields to the Scutt family's dairy farm. We met the cows, calves and bull and were shown round by Mr and Mrs Scutt who were wonderful at answering our many questions about dairy farming and milk production. All in all, it has been a fabulous day filled with lots of lovely learning - as you can see from the pictures below.   

Term 1 - Outdoor P.E - Basketball

In our basketball lessons this term we have been working on our dribbling skills and on suing a range of different pass types in different scenarios - choosing the pass type that is most efficient for the play scenario you are in. We have also been thinking about our on court positioning and how we can use space, passing and dribbling to maintain possession of the ball. 

Term 1 Music - Recorder Tuition

Recently, we have had our first recorder tuition session with visiting musician and music teacher Angela. We focused on breathing techniques and some breathing warm up exercises, moved on to talking about how to get the best sound out of the recorder by engaging our tongue and recapped some of the finger positions for notes the children learnt last year with Mr Daintree. We have also listened to and appraised the music of (and found out about) some classical composers of the Romantic Period (during the Victorian era) already this term.  

Term 1 - Music - Recorder Tuition

Term 1 - Indoor P.E - Fitness

In our first few indoor P.E sessions we have been focusing on activities and exercises that specifically challenge different aspects of fitness. We performed standing long jumps to explore our strength, we repeatedly touched alternate elbows to knees on tip toes to test our balance, we explored our endurance by jogging on the spot and tested our reaction speed by dropping a tennis ball over a partners head that had to be caught after 1 bounce only. The children have approached these with energy and enthusiasm. 

Term 1 Indoor P.E - Fitness

Term 1 Computing & ICT

Our lessons in the ICT suite so far this term have been linked with our Topic studies 'Victorian Britain'. We have been using online resources to research what life and working conditions were like for Victorian child workers (either coal mining or Chimney Sweeping). The children's focus was the selection of key information from the websites they were using for their research. At a later point, we will use the research to write a diary entry for one of these Victorian child workers. 

Term 1 Computing & ICT

Rapid Recall Cards

Year 5 and 6 National Curriculum Spelling List

Teams Homework

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Everything below this title is from the 2021/22 academic year...

Kent Police Open Day Visit - Monday 4th July 

Class 6 had a super day in the sunshine at the Kent Police open day at their training facility in Maidstone on Monday. The event featured a whole host of interactive exhibits (the gaming bus was particularly popular) and live displays. The dog unit and public order displays were greatly enjoyed and much was learnt about modern policing. Just a few photos below to give an indication of the kind of day we had...

Class 6 Sports Week – 2022

Class 6 have had a wonderfully busy and richly varied Sports Week. Our theme was the Birmingham Commonwealth Games so we started the week by finding out all about the history of the Commonwealth and the games. We have had a number of external coaches visit us this week, leading us in fun activities and teaching us more skills in Badminton, Golf, Athletics and Archery. We also enjoyed a number of other Commonwealth sports: we played hockey, handball, volley ball (our own unique mash-up of tennis and volleyball!) and we visited Sheldwich CC up at the Less for a game of Countdown cricket. The club were kind enough to let us use their outfield, pavilion facilities and their dynamos cricket equipment – big thanks to Sheldwich CC. In addition to this we competed in our KS2 Sports Day (crowning Ethan H and Vashti as the fastest boy and girl), found out about the pioneering research of Marie Maynard Daly into Cholesterol, enjoyed our third Secondary School Transition workshop and of course, squeezed in a few class play rehearsals. A fantastic week.

Class 6 'Fun Week' - Inter-house Sports Tournaments

Class 6 'Fun Week' - Tuesday - T Shirt Design Project

Class 6 'Fun Week' - Monday - 'Macbeth' Drama Workshop with 'West End in Schools'

Class 6 'Fun Week' - Monday - Falconry with Joe's Bows

Design Technology Project - Earthquake CAM toys

This week, Class Six found out what CAMs are and how they are used to make parts move in machines and mechanical toys. Our topic this term has been Earthquakes and Biomes so we created a toy where the CAMs would create earthquake-like movement! We had to think carefully about our initial designs and construct with precision using a range of tools and materials effectively. Class Six worked in twos and threes and every group successfully created an Earthquake scene where the CAMs worked to make parts move. Brilliant! Please enjoy the pictures and videos below...


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Geography Field Trip To Rye

Today Class Six enjoyed their Geography field trip to Rye (in East Sussex) despite the drizzle. Our aim was to explore the town and to find out as much as we could about how both the human and physical geography of the town has changed over time. In the morning we enjoyed the Town Model presentation, took in the key landmarks through the town and had our picnic lunch in the Gun Gardens. In the afternoon we split into our separate, smaller adult-led groups and explored the town in more detail - climbing the tower of St Mary's Church, descending into the centuries old cellar of the Mermaid Inn and of course sampling the commercial output of the town's Ice cream parlours and sweet shops. Through the day, we made field sketches and collected information about the history, land use and economy of the town. We will be completing a detailed project about the town during our Topic / Geography lessons in Term 6.  

History Day - Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee - The 1950s

For History Day in Class 6, our decade of the Queen's reign was the 1950s.

We started the day by having a go at creating some family trees for ourselves, trying to add birthdates where we knew them (or could work them out).

Then we discussed what we already knew about Queen Elizabeth II and used some primary and secondary historical information sources to find out more. We also discussed what we knew about the 1950s and then found out more using some old 1950s Pathe news footage and some timelines. In our Topic books we created three pronged 1950s timelines - a line apiece for important events through the decade in Britain, the World and for the Queen. We also thought about which event we thought was the most important and why. 

Next up, we used Mrs Dixon's original Coronation memorabilia and some 1953 BBC video footage to find out about the coronation ceremony - we then worked in groups to plan and perform a news radio broadcast telling the people of Britain on the 2nd June 1953 all about the coronation - some superb accents were utilised. 

Finally, we worked in pairs create a piece of artwork to represent a significant event from the 1950s - these will be used on our whole school timeline which will eventually be on display in the hall. A fun day with lots of historical learning  happening. 

MFL Day - 'Around the World in 10 languages...'

Before MFL day, Class 6 had a discussion about which different languages are spoken by our families and extended families. We decided that during our MFL day we would study - Polish, Czech, Moroccan, Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Afrikaans, Welsh and German. 


In each language we learnt basic greetings and learnt some key geographical facts about the countries where they are spoken (Population, Capital etc). For each language we completed a specific activity - learning 1-10 and playing Bingo in Moroccan, singing Happy Birthday in Welsh, Tasting Spring Rolls and role playing use of phrases like 'My Birthday is in...' , 'My Favourite animal is....' etc. 


Class 6 impressed throughout the day with their engagement, enthusiasm and brilliant pronunciation and accent work.

Term 5 - ICT / Computing - 'We Are Publishers'

During our 'We Are Publishers' unit of work, we are going to be creating and publishing a school magazine called 'The Sheldwich Times'. In our first lesson we thought about all the different sections and features that a magazine about (and for the pupils of) our school might have - we then got into pairs and each took a responsibility for a section (double-page spread). Working in their pair, the children then did a rough, sketched design of the layout and content of their pages. We then, in the same lesson, discussed content that the children might need to gather for their pages that they can't get from the Internet (specifically the school website_ - some pairs decided they would need to take photos, some to gather work samples from other classes and other to interview pupils and staff. In our most recent lesson, we began to use Microsoft Publisher to create our double page spreads - thinking in particular about our page layout and design. We can't wait to 'publish' the magazine, sharing it with all the other classes.  

Term 5 - Music - Cover Versions

In this lesson, we looked back at 'Come Together' by the Beatles - the song we had studied and performed in Performing Arts Week. We listened to some cover versions of this song and discussed the differences and how the artists had put their own spin on the track. Our aim was to create a cover version of 'Come Together' (Instrumentally or with singing) - with the melody played on a glockenspiel. The children could put their own spin on their cover version by altering the tempo, lyrics or structure of the song. Violet L and Bea did a super job of changing the lyrics - something about Class 6 having two 'cool' teachers - I can't remember exactly. The children did brilliantly as you can see from the pictures and videos below. 


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Friday 29th April - Geography Day - Local Area Field Trip

Class Six had a wonderful Geography day! In the morning we had a go at drawing basic maps of where we live - thinking about road networks and nearby land use. After that we thought about our place in the world - locating Europe, then the UK, then England and then Kent on a map. We discussed the varied and unique geography of Kent - considering both physical and human geography. We then studied the walking route we were about to take in the local area using OS maps. On our walk, we had nearly blank maps of the local area (with just the roads and a couple of buildings marked on), as we walked, we used compasses and map positioning to keep track of where we were - we marked both our route on the map and labelled as much land use / physical and human features as possible (discussing as we went different types of agriculture in the area - and trying our best to avoid the VERY CURIOUS cows). On our return to school, we had an excellently informative talk from local farmer Mr Gaskain about all aspects of fruit production from seed to supermarket - the children asked brilliant questions throughout.  In class, we used our annotated maps from our walk to create our own detailed maps of the local area, we discussed grid references, added our own grids to our maps and thought about how these could be used to give directions or find places on the map. An amazing day all in all with outstanding Geographical learning going on throughout the day.  

Term 5 - Outdoor P.E - Athletics

In this lesson, we investigated how different types of starting position affected our speed during short distance, sprint races. In groups, the children timed each other utilising a range of start positions (e.g. standing facing forward, facing backwards, lying on the floor, kneeling) - and then discussed and compared the results. Which starting position allowed for the fastest time was fairly unanimous across the groups, but the position that led to the slowest times was much more varied. 

Term 5 - Outdoor P.E - Cricket

This term we have been continuing with our cricket coaching sessions with Mr Hodder. One of our favourite activities was caterpillar cricket where the whole batting team has to run a circuit when the person at bat hits the ball! Exciting stuff. In these photos you can see us taking part in one of Mr Hodder's fun warm up activities and working on our bowling skills (straight arm, side on the the stumps, aim with your front arm) - aiming to be the first team to hit all 6 stumps and race to replace them again.

Design Technology - Pneumatic Animals

Today we completed our 'Pneumatic Animals' Design Technology project. We have been reading the Jungle Book in our English Lessons and finding out about 'Animals and Their Habitats' in Science - so today, we used our Design Technology skills to create a moving animal toy / model. We could choose to create whatever animal we liked and had to use a pneumatic syringe/tubing/balloon system to make its mouth open and close. The Badgers did BRILLIANTLY! The models look fantastic and the jaws open far wider than on Mr Cork's pitiful crocodile prototype. Please enjoy the photos of our hard work below. 


Performing Arts Week - Term 4

This week Class Six, like everyone at Sheldwich, have been enjoying our Performing Arts Week. Our theme: 'BEATLEMANIA'! We have fully immersed ourselves into the musical world of John, Paul, George and Ringo. As well as listening to and discussing plenty of the Fab Four's sonic output, we have completed a number of activities. Please have a look at the photos and videos below to find out more about what we've been up to. What with many members of the class completing their 'Bikeability' training this week too - it's been a busy one! 

Our BIG performance - 'Come Together' 

Class 6 have been working incredibly hard learning, arranging and rehearsing our own rendition of 'Come Together' from the Beatles' iconic Abbey Road album. We have combined: handclaps, djembe drums, vocals and the electric guitar stylings of Mr Wallace to great affect. We will be performing the song in our big celebration assembly on Friday but here is a video for your viewing pleasure. A performance of which Class Six should be very proud... 

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Album Design

In this session we studied the innovative album artwork of the Beatles and had a rummage through some of Mr C's 60s and 70s vinyl thinking about the artwork and design of the various sleeves. The children formed 'bands' of 2, 3 or 4 members. Each band had to decide on their name and each member's role within the band (some bands opted to adopt individual stage names too). Each band then worked as a team to design & make the gatefold sleeve for their debut Album's vinyl release. Their album sleeve design needed a list of song names, an album name, thematically consistent artwork and of course - band photos. 

Kings School - Dance

On Thursday, pupils and staff from the Kings School performing Arts department came to Sheldwich, they treated us to a superb performance in a whole school assembly in the morning and then every class had a 30 minute workshop where they learnt an entire dance routine. 

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'All you need is Glockenspiels' 

In this lesson, we listened to the Beatles classic 'All you need is Love'. We then used musical notation to learn how to play the melody of the song on a glockenspiel. 

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Susie and Vashti

1960s Dance

In this session we learnt some iconic 1960s dance moves before using them -and moves of our own creation - to from our own dance routines to the Beatles' 'Saw her standing there'. 

Beatles Biographies & Drumming

In one lesson we researched the history of the Fab Four, from the their humble origins to their global renown. We created biography texts about the band. In another session, we used the djembe drums to explore our rhythmic skills, adding percussive layers to Beatles songs: 'Get Back' and 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. 

Term 4 - 'The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond' 

In our English lessons this week we have been studying 'The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond', a wonderfully evocative narrative poem by Charles Causley about a real-life murder that took place on Bodmin Moor in the 1800s. We have completed several activities based around the poem culminating in our whole class performance of the poem which we did 'in the round'. Please enjoy the video of our performance below... 

Ballad of Charlotte Dymond.mp4

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Term 4 - Music - Volcano Documentary Soundtrack

Term 4 - Music - Volcano Documentary Soundtrack - In this lesson we watched a clip from a David Attenborough documentary about the power of volcanoes. We thought about how the soundtrack had been used to compliment and enhance the visual footage. Working in small groups, we had to create our own composition to soundtrack a 1 minute long section of the documentary. We used tuned and untuned percussion instruments (some groups used their voices too). Mr Cork recorded the audio of each performance and then at the end of the lesson we listened to each recording played alongside the 1 minute long section of the documentary. We voted on which group we thought had created a composition that accompanied the footage most effectively - with the winning 13 votes - well done Adam, Matthew and Sullivan's group. 

Term 4 - Outdoor P.E - Cricket (with Mr Hodder)

Outdoor P.E - Cricket - Class 6 are lucky enough this term to have Mr Hodder providing us with cricket coaching sessions on a Wednesday afternoon. So far, we have been working on our fielding skills  - taking part in games and activities designed to improve and develop our throwing (accuracy as well as power) and catching skills. 

Indoor P.E - Volcano Dance - we have been looking at how to use our bodies to create movements and positions (in pairs and small groups), inspired by all things volcano - different types of volcano, how lava flows, the build up of heat and pressure beneath the ground etc. We have worked on how to link these movements and positions to create routines. 

Term 4 - Computing - 'We Are Computational Thinkers'

'We Are Computational Thinkers' - In our Term 4 Computing lessons we have been thinking about how computers can be programmed using algorithms to make them carry out certain tasks. We have thought about how important the order of instructions within algorithms are. We explored how we worked out the shortest route between two points on a map and learnt about how Google Maps does the same task. We also used Scratch to code a 'change calculator' - the kid that a vending machine might have to give the right change but in the fewest amount of coins. 


Arts Week 2022 - This week, Class Six based all of their Art work on pages 26 and 27 from the book 'It's up to us' - an illustration created by Australian artist Blak Douglas. We completed many different activities: we extended the image, we recorded our thoughts about it, we researched the artist and his other works, we found out about the natural disasters mentioned on the page, we created art works based upon words and phrases taken from the text accompanying the picture, we created mixed media collages using cut outs from the image, we even created poetry inspired by Blak Douglas' piece - all culminating in our final pieces inspired by the picture, framed in black and with accompanying explanation. The children's output has been incredible. Check out the the three photo slideshows below to witness their awesomeness! 

Computing - 'We are Connected'

We are Connected - In our Term 3 Computing Lessons we are learning how to 'Blog' safely and effectively. Above you can see how we used software to create a concept map of research so that we can blog accurately about the for or against animals in captivity debate. We also had a go at blogging about E-Safety and thought about how to comment on people's posts in a constructive, complimentary and appropriate way. 

Music - 'Lean on Me' by Bill Withers

In some of our term 3 Music Lessons we have looked at the song 'Lean On Me' by Bill Withers. We listened to and analysed different elements of the song, learnt about its writer/performer and his inspiration in writing the piece. We made posters where we considered what we had learnt about the song as well as our own opinions of it. We also learnt to sing the song and soon we will be working on re-interpreting it into our own cover versions.  

Indoor P.E - Gym

In our gym lessons this term we have been working on paired and solo balances. Thinking about how many points of contact we have with the floor and the precision and strength of our balances. We have also been working on performing balances both into and out of rolls. 

Outdoor P.E - Hockey

In our Term 3 Hockey lessons we have been focusing on improving our use of  key skills. We have worked on push passes and how to receive a pass effectively with the full length of the stick low to the floor and we have also worked on our dribbling skills - turning the head of the stick to avoid using both sides of the head and being able to look up and about whilst we are dribbling. 

Computing - 'We Are Toymakers'

During Term 2, Class Six have become interactive toy designers in their computing lessons. We re-familiarised ourselves with the capabilities of our Micro:Bits, explored the possibilities offered by the sound outputs of the Micro:Bit, researched existing sound-making toys and finally designed, coded and created our own. using a range of inputs such as shaking the toy, dropping the toy or pushing buttons on the Micro:Bit, children programmed the toys to respond with a range of sounds and musical melodies.

STEM Week! What a week. We've been up to all sorts. Building our own torches, learning a binary number trick and thinking about how robots are used on Mars with Mr Blair. We got up close and personal with Mrs Hayhoe's Chameleons on Tuesday. And with Mrs Blair, we created our own clipboards emblazoned with our environmental protest slogans, learnt about Climate justice (gathering fossil fuels and money for our assigned 'parts of the world' got competitive) and used thermal imaging cameras to carry out an energy efficiency audit around the school. In class we have ben busy designing and making cases and covers for the torches we built during Mr Blair's workshop session.  

Christmas Tree Decorations

The children have also been busy with Mr Wallace making these awesome button decorations for our school Christmas tree - which of course the children will be bringing home with them at the end of term to adorn their own trees with.  

HSBC Visit

HSBC - Representatives of the HSBC bank came to Class Six today to deliver some financially themed learning workshops. In our first session, we learnt about how to shop for food efficiently - using our Maths skills to interpret the many deals and offers and get the best value. We thought about how this could then progress into menu planning with a budget in mind. In our second session, we learnt about financial fraud - discussing the many and varied ways that fraudsters may employ to part us from our money and the strategies and precautions we can employ to ensure they don't. 

R.E Day - Diwali

Class 6 had a fantastic day today. We started off by discussing which religious festivals and celebrations we were aware of - what religions they are associated with - how they are celebrated and why they are celebrated. We then found out some key facts about Hinduism before 'zooming in' on the Diwali festival and the story of Rama and Sita. We re-told the this epic story in our R.E books either as a story or as a cartoons strip. We then worked in groups to act out the story of Rama, Sita, Ravana and -of course - the monkey king. The performances were all wonderful. In the afternoon we learnt how to Bollywood Dance with Miss Wharlow, Tried our hand at a bit of Yoga and made beautiful lanterns and Rangoli patterns (of which, I think Lakshmi would definitely approve). Please enjoy the pictures of our day below.   

After our hard work in our Basketball lessons in Term 1 - we have been honing our football skills this term. In these photos you can see us working on our goalkeeping skills. we focused on getting our body behind the ball and catching where possible and then parrying where it was not possible to catch. 

Charleston Routine

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Dance - Charleston & Broadway - After their hard work in Term 1, following - and creating their own - challenging aerobic fitness routines, Class 6 have been learning the Charleston and some Broadway dance moves in Term 2. They have thoroughly impressed with their precision and sense of rhythm. They started by learning a tool-kit of 'moves' from within each dance style and then worked in small groups to develop and perform their own routines with a mixture of both the original moves they learnt and some moves inspired by each style of dance of their own creation. Well done Class 6 - 4 tens from me.

Drumming and Percussion Performance - Group 1

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Over the past two terms we have been learning how to play the Djembe and some unique world percussion instruments too. During these music sessions we've looked at some call and response, improvisation, changes in dynamics and tempo, while also learning some fundamentals of rhythm like counting in 3's or 4's. We performed to the school to showcase what we've learnt.

Drumming and Percussion Performance - Group 2

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Drum and Percussion performances Photos

Book Week Dressing up Day

Book Week - Author & Illustrator visit to Class 6 - Christina Balit

Class 6's AMAZING Harvest Festival Performance

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'Autumnal Dreaming' - a new version of 'California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papas. Enjoy.