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Term 3 Curriculum Map

Computing - 'We are Connected'

We are Connected - In our Term 3 Computing Lessons we are learning how to 'Blog' safely and effectively. Above you can see how we used software to create a concept map of research so that we can blog accurately about the for or against animals in captivity debate. We also had a go at blogging about E-Safety and thought about how to comment on people's posts in a constructive, complimentary and appropriate way. 

Music - 'Lean on Me' by Bill Withers

In some of our term 3 Music Lessons we have looked at the song 'Lean On Me' by Bill Withers. We listened to and analysed different elements of the song, learnt about its writer/performer and his inspiration in writing the piece. We made posters where we considered what we had learnt about the song as well as our own opinions of it. We also learnt to sing the song and soon we will be working on re-interpreting it into our own cover versions.  

Indoor P.E - Gym

In our gym lessons this term we have been working on paired and solo balances. Thinking about how many points of contact we have with the floor and the precision and strength of our balances. We have also been working on performing balances both into and out of rolls. 

Outdoor P.E - Hockey

In our Term 3 Hockey lessons we have been focusing on improving our use of  key skills. We have worked on push passes and how to receive a pass effectively with the full length of the stick low to the floor and we have also worked on our dribbling skills - turning the head of the stick to avoid using both sides of the head and being able to look up and about whilst we are dribbling. 

Computing - 'We Are Toymakers'

During Term 2, Class Six have become interactive toy designers in their computing lessons. We re-familiarised ourselves with the capabilities of our Micro:Bits, explored the possibilities offered by the sound outputs of the Micro:Bit, researched existing sound-making toys and finally designed, coded and created our own. using a range of inputs such as shaking the toy, dropping the toy or pushing buttons on the Micro:Bit, children programmed the toys to respond with a range of sounds and musical melodies.

STEM Week! What a week. We've been up to all sorts. Building our own torches, learning a binary number trick and thinking about how robots are used on Mars with Mr Blair. We got up close and personal with Mrs Hayhoe's Chameleons on Tuesday. And with Mrs Blair, we created our own clipboards emblazoned with our environmental protest slogans, learnt about Climate justice (gathering fossil fuels and money for our assigned 'parts of the world' got competitive) and used thermal imaging cameras to carry out an energy efficiency audit around the school. In class we have ben busy designing and making cases and covers for the torches we built during Mr Blair's workshop session.  

Christmas Tree Decorations

The children have also been busy with Mr Wallace making these awesome button decorations for our school Christmas tree - which of course the children will be bringing home with them at the end of term to adorn their own trees with.  

HSBC Visit

HSBC - Representatives of the HSBC bank came to Class Six today to deliver some financially themed learning workshops. In our first session, we learnt about how to shop for food efficiently - using our Maths skills to interpret the many deals and offers and get the best value. We thought about how this could then progress into menu planning with a budget in mind. In our second session, we learnt about financial fraud - discussing the many and varied ways that fraudsters may employ to part us from our money and the strategies and precautions we can employ to ensure they don't. 

R.E Day - Diwali

Class 6 had a fantastic day today. We started off by discussing which religious festivals and celebrations we were aware of - what religions they are associated with - how they are celebrated and why they are celebrated. We then found out some key facts about Hinduism before 'zooming in' on the Diwali festival and the story of Rama and Sita. We re-told the this epic story in our R.E books either as a story or as a cartoons strip. We then worked in groups to act out the story of Rama, Sita, Ravana and -of course - the monkey king. The performances were all wonderful. In the afternoon we learnt how to Bollywood Dance with Miss Wharlow, Tried our hand at a bit of Yoga and made beautiful lanterns and Rangoli patterns (of which, I think Lakshmi would definitely approve). Please enjoy the pictures of our day below.   

After our hard work in our Basketball lessons in Term 1 - we have been honing our football skills this term. In these photos you can see us working on our goalkeeping skills. we focused on getting our body behind the ball and catching where possible and then parrying where it was not possible to catch. 

Charleston Routine

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Dance - Charleston & Broadway - After their hard work in Term 1, following - and creating their own - challenging aerobic fitness routines, Class 6 have been learning the Charleston and some Broadway dance moves in Term 2. They have thoroughly impressed with their precision and sense of rhythm. They started by learning a tool-kit of 'moves' from within each dance style and then worked in small groups to develop and perform their own routines with a mixture of both the original moves they learnt and some moves inspired by each style of dance of their own creation. Well done Class 6 - 4 tens from me.

Drumming and Percussion Performance - Group 1

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Over the past two terms we have been learning how to play the Djembe and some unique world percussion instruments too. During these music sessions we've looked at some call and response, improvisation, changes in dynamics and tempo, while also learning some fundamentals of rhythm like counting in 3's or 4's. We performed to the school to showcase what we've learnt.

Drumming and Percussion Performance - Group 2

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Drum and Percussion performances Photos

Book Week Dressing up Day

Book Week - Author & Illustrator visit to Class 6 - Christina Balit

Class 6's AMAZING Harvest Festival Performance

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'Autumnal Dreaming' - a new version of 'California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papas. Enjoy.

Teams Homework

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These are the staff who work in Class 6

Admission to Secondary School 2021

Information for Parents about Khan Academy Maths Homework

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