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Welcome to Class R - Ladybirds.

The following staff members work with your children in Class R:

Art Week - tremendous fun had by all!

Homework - Friday 19th May

(Due: Monday 5th June)

Whole School Art and Well-Being Homework


Next week at Sheldwich is our Arts week. This week, during our morning registration periods, all classes have been participating in well-being focused activities. Your homework task brings these two ideas together.



Create a collage using words and images related to the theme of well-being.



Given the well-being theme, you could use images and words related to: things that you enjoy doing, that make you happy, or that make you feel calm and positive. You could also consider people or places that are inspirational to you.


  • Your collage should be no bigger than A4 size
  • You can cut out words and images from a range of sources – magazines and newspapers will work well!
  • You could use different types of glue or tape to attach your snipped words and images to your paper.


Please complete on a separate piece of paper/card to your HW book (So we can display them!)

Essential Letters and Sounds

Please click on the links below to access videos which will help you to support your child/ren with their phonics.


These sounds are taught in Phase 2. Little Hedgehogs and Reception children will be taught these sounds.



These sounds are taught in Phase 3. Reception children will be taught these sounds.



These sounds are taught in Phase 5. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will be taught these sounds.

Easter Bonnets

Ramadan activities

Happy Mothers' Day Love from Ladybirds

Guru Nanak and the snake

Links between smell and taste

Beanstalks - what will you find at the top?

Investigation in to biscuit dunking - soluble or not!

Welcome to our assembly

Year of the Rabbit

We had soup to warm us up!

Hidden numbers-composition of numbers1-5/1-10

Construction Club - houses and chairs for the Three Bears

January - new beginnings!


Fun in the snow!

Children in need means a day of spots!

We went to the village church

Floppy's birthday

Party shop

Firework pictures

We made clay diva lamps

Journey from Jamaica to Britain

Moonlight school

P.E on the field

Making friends and exploring

The following slides are an overview of last year!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Maths- mirrors and doubling

Caterpillars and butterflies

History Day 2010-2022 Happy and Glorious

Crabs -collage

Easter Hats

Space Hats and Rockets

Mothers' tea party

Maths investigations

The Ladybirds- Abbey Road

O bla di, O bla da

Dance workshop

Space junk models and Circ Rum Ba Ba


Our Nativity - Merry Christmas

STEM week activities - building hedgehog hotels

  Please make sure your child has a warm hat and gloves or mittens ( No scarves) as well as a coat that they can get on and off, as well as do up now the weather is getting colder.