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We had a wonderful and very interesting time during STEM week, doing a series of activities around the theme of Our Future with Mr and Mrs Blair. We had great fun exploring the school with thermal cameras, building our own led torches, learning about plastic pollution and considering global inequalities. We were also very lucky to become reacquainted with Ethan and Mrs Hayhoe's ever-growing chameleons. Rufus brought in his amazing static electricity homework for which he (and his dad) had built a working Van de Graaff generator!   

Rufus' Van de Graaff Generator

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Electricity - Designing Switches

To help with their understanding of electrical circuits, the children created switches out of cardboard, copper tape, tin foil, split pins, elastic bands and sellotape. They designed and built them in groups of 3 or 4 and afterwards we tested them to see how well they all worked.

Scratch Animations

I've uploaded all your Scratch animations. You can view them all here:

Well done everyone! They are very amusing and you've done lots of great coding to sequence them. If your animation is not up here, then I'll just need a little help identifying your file and we can add it after half term.

Making Scones

We had a go at baking some scones in Class 4 this week. We measured and mixed all the ingredients, and then Michelle put them in the oven for us. The best bit was eating them afterwards! Much debate was had over the time-old question of whether to go cream-first or jam-first, and in the end many of the children tried both!

French Days of the Week Game

The children have been really enjoying French lessons on a Tuesday afternoon. We played this game to practise our days of the week and everyone wanted a go! I promised to put a link up here so that anyone who wanted to, could have a go at home!

Book Week: Dressing Up Day

Book Week: Being Musketeers in P.E.

The Harvest Moon - by Ted Hughes

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Homework - Friday 24th September

Y3/4 Spelling Words

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