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Welcome to Class 4 - Otters

Easter Poem: Spring by Christina Rossetti

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Science Week - Robobug Designs

We had a lot of fun in Science week, learning about robots and insects, and having a go with the Microbits for the first time. The some of the children even included Microbits in their robobug prototypes. Check out their amazing design projects below!

We all had a go at making some 3d shapes out of lengths of dowelling and elastic bands. We found out that the triangles were a lot more stable than the squares, and we were able to make our cubes much stronger by adding diagonal supports. When we had built out cubes, with diagonal supports, we discovered tetrahedrons inside our cubes!

Afternoon Tea

In the pursuit of a thoroughly British afternoon to complement out learning about the United Kingdom, we all tried cooking scones in class 4. After measuring and mixing the ingredients, and rolling and cutting the dough, Michelle, the school cook, helped us to bake them in the oven. We all then enjoyed eating them with jam and cream!

Minibeast Hunt

The children spent a lovely afternoon exploring the different habitats that can be found around the school and searching for creatures of all sizes  - but mostly small ones! One group found a whole nest of baby millipedes!

Iron Man Drama

In our English lesson today, we acted out the scene from the The Iron Man where Hogarth rushes home to tell his parents he had seen a giant iron monster. In the book, Hogarth's parents believed him immediately, but we suspected that our parent's would need much more convincing if we came home with such a tale. The children came up with some brilliant ideas to persuade their parents to take them seriously - from pleading to blackmail! 

Parents' Presentation

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These are the staff who work in Class 4

Y3/4 Spelling Words

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