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Welcome to Class 4 - Otters

Home Learning Monday 25th January

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. We've been playing a brilliant board game called The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game. I never realised what a bunch of devious liars I live with. Zeno, Vashti and Lara were all very cunning - they would bet on other people's horses and then deliberately make their own horse lose.  There ought to be a rule against that sort of thing!


You've got 6 Khan Academy activities assigned to you for Maths this morning, English is some reading comprehension questions about chapter 4 of TFMD and your third activity is an online French lesson. Good luck and have a fun day.

Maths Monday 25th

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English Monday 25th

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Home Learning Friday 22nd January

You did some fantastic Chinese calligraphy yesterday. I've put in a slideshow below. 


Maths is an outdoor activity today. Watch the video below to see me have a go at it - don't worry if you don't get an opportunity to do it today; you may get chance over the weekend. You have to find something too tall to reach and measure its height using a mathematical idea. In English, we're finishing Chapter 3 of TFMD and creating an advert for a restaurant! Finally, our Science lesson today is learning about the biology of the ear. 

Maths: Measuring a Tree

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English: The Firework Maker's Daughter Ch 3 (Continued)

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Home Learning Thursday 21st January

The birds of Faversham are dining well tonight! Well done for all the amazing bird kebabs you made yesterday! Ingrid also cooked the most impressive thing you will ever see crafted from pizza dough (see below). Oliver has uploaded his bat and ball game to Scratch, and you can play it here:

And it's the final episode of Von Doogan and the Deadly Diamond's of Doom today! We'll start a new Von Doogan adventure next week.


Today, we are doing some more converting units of length, but I've also given you a factors maze if you'd like a fun challenge. In English, we are learning about sentences and phrases and in Topic we are having a go at some Chinese calligraphy. Have a great day!


Try asking for one of these at Dominos!

Maths Thursday 21st

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English Thursday 21st

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Topic Thursday 21st

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Appreciating Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy

Home Learning Tuesday 20th January

I read lots of fantastic pirate descriptions yesterday. Thank you to everyone that sent them in. There were also some very cool Bat and Ball games - Sebbie's was like one of those old Nintendo Game and Watch handhelds because it even told the time!


Today, we are converting units of length in Maths, we're reading the first part of Chapter 3 of The Firework Maker's Daughter and later we are going to try feeding some birds! Have a lovely day and send me photos of any birds you entice to your food!

Maths Wednesday 20th

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English TFMD Chapter 3 Part 1

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Home Learning Tuesday 19th January

There were some amazing drawings of pirates yesterday and it was really fun to see all your creations. We are using those today, to do a character description of your pirate. We are converting units of length in Maths and there is Scratch lesson later in which we will try to improve our games from last week. Have a fun day and I'd love to see any of your work if you can email it to me.

Maths Tuesday 19th

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English Tuesday 19th

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Computing Tuesday 19th

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Home Learning Monday 18th January


Welcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. We have some arithmetic practice in Maths and a logic puzzle about cube numbers if you want a challenge. We are drawing pirates and coming up with some descriptive words and phrases in English. For our Topic lesson, I'd like you to watch some videos of children describing a day in their lives in China and try to compare their experience to your own.

English Monday 18th

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Home Learning Friday 15th January

I've read some excellent scripts that people have sent in and I'm really looking forward to seeing some more. We have had two late submissions in the worm hunting photo collection from Dotti and Frank. Dotti's is very cute and the smallest we've had, whilst Frank's is even bigger than Henry's!! I forgot to put up a new Mathematical Murder Mystery on Monday, so I've put one up now for the weekend and I'll try to remember to put another one up next week!

Today, we have more addition and subtraction with money, you're finishing off, or editing and improving, your play scripts and there is some comedy and a silly song to listen to and learn this afternoon. Have a fun day.

Maths Friday 15th

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English Friday 15th

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Pub Quiz Sketch - John Finnemore

Capitals of Europe - John Finnemore

Term 3 Curriculum Overview

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

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Harvest Poem Performance

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We all had a go at making some 3d shapes out of lengths of dowelling and elastic bands. We found out that the triangles were a lot more stable than the squares, and we were able to make our cubes much stronger by adding diagonal supports. When we had built out cubes, with diagonal supports, we discovered tetrahedrons inside our cubes!

Afternoon Tea

In the pursuit of a thoroughly British afternoon to complement out learning about the United Kingdom, we all tried cooking scones in class 4. After measuring and mixing the ingredients, and rolling and cutting the dough, Michelle, the school cook, helped us to bake them in the oven. We all then enjoyed eating them with jam and cream!

Minibeast Hunt

The children spent a lovely afternoon exploring the different habitats that can be found around the school and searching for creatures of all sizes  - but mostly small ones! One group found a whole nest of baby millipedes!

Iron Man Drama

In our English lesson today, we acted out the scene from the The Iron Man where Hogarth rushes home to tell his parents he had seen a giant iron monster. In the book, Hogarth's parents believed him immediately, but we suspected that our parent's would need much more convincing if we came home with such a tale. The children came up with some brilliant ideas to persuade their parents to take them seriously - from pleading to blackmail! 

Parents' Presentation

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These are the staff who work in Class 4

Y3/4 Spelling Words

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