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Welcome to Class 4 - Otters

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These are the staff who work in Class 4

These are the staff who work in Class 4 1 Mr P Burns Class 4 Teacher
These are the staff who work in Class 4 2 Mr M Thomas Learning Support Assistant
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Rapid Recall Cards.

Wiring a Plug

With the increasing use of moulded plugs, actually wiring a plug is becoming a lost art! Not in Class 4, where we gamely dismantled and then reassembled our plugs. We learnt what the different wires and pins were and how a fuse works. Wiring a plug can be a very fiddly, frustrating task, but the children all showed amazing resilience and perseverance to accomplish it. 

3d Shape Making

We tried making 3d shapes using doweling and elastic bands. First, we made triangles and squares. We noticed how much more stable the triangles were, and decided to reinforce our squares with diagonal supports. Next, we tried to make cubes. Again, we used diagonal supports in each square, and we found that the supports had created two pyramids inside our cubes. Finally, we decided to make some regular tetrahedrons and see how high we could stack them to create bigger pyramids. The triangular based pyramid is a really strong, stable shape. We stacked 4 pyramids to make bigger ones and then stacked 4 of those to make a giant one!

Afternoon Tea

We all made scones in Class 4. The children prepared, measured and mixed the ingredients before rolling the dough and cutting out the scones. We took them to Michelle in the school kitchen, who very kindly stayed behind to bake them for us. There was much debate about whether to apply the cream first or the jam first, but we all agreed they were delicious.  

Minibeast Hunt

Class 4 spent an afternoon exploring the rich diversity of life to be found in the school grounds. The children found a host of different animals which they were able to observe closely and record information about. We were careful not to harm the creatures we found, although, in one case, a disgruntled bee didn't return that courtesy!