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Welcome to Class 4 - Otters

Summer Maths and English Activities

Here are some optional activities from Twinkl that you could have a go at if you would like to. I am a very big fan of Khan Academy, so would also recommend that you sign up for an account (it's free) and try working your way through some of the Arithmetic course. Have a lovely summer!

End of Year Message from Mr Burns

In addition to the video below, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to William! And also to tell you to check out Eve's Roman numerals powerpoint that I've added to the link below. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you later! 

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Message to Class 3

There follows a short recruitment video for Class 4, in the hope that we can persuade some of you (or all of you even) to jump ship from Squirrels and join me in Otters in September.

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All About Mr Burns

Home Learning - Thursday 16th July


Just two days left of term! In Maths today we have an investigation involving adding numbers from a number square, and in English, we have some funny, quite mean, poems to read! I hope some of you have made a start on your 50 Things! There is plenty of time until you are all 11 and three quarters, but there is also no time like the present! 

Home Learning - Wednesday 15th July


Happy Birthday Oliver for yesterday! I hope you're having a good time in Poland!

Today, in Maths there are some multiplication triangles to complete. In English, we are finishing the Sinbad story and reading different version of it. I've added some more amazing wildlife photographs (this time from Mia) to the slideshow below. 

Class 4's Boar hunting expedition Wildlife Photography

Home Learning - Tuesday 14th July


The end of Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH! It has taken us a whole year, but we are now staring down the rosebush-covered rat-hole of the final chapter off the book! So, settle down by the fire with a glass of fine milk and listen to me read it, or curl up in a blanket with the pdf and read it yourself. No reading comprehension questions - just enjoy it. 


If anyone would like to write a book review, or just note down their thoughts on what they did or didn't like about the book, I'd love to read them:

Mrs Frisby Chapter 27.mp4

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Mrs Frisby Epilogue.mp4

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Home Learning - Monday 13th July

Good morning Class 4. Things are going to be a little different this week, for the final week of term. You will still have a Maths and English task each day, but there won't usually be a third task set. Instead there are a list of outdoor activities that you may like to make a start on and which you can continue working on all summer and beyond.


Maths today is revising fractions and English sees us learning about Sinbad the Sailer. Tomorrow though, we will also be reading the final 2 chapters of Mrs Frisby. 


Check out the wildlife photography below - I've added some great photos from Jorja and Susie.

50 Things To Do Before You're 11 3/4 

For this final week of term, as well as your daily English and Maths tasks, we’d like to challenge you to make a start on the National Trust’s list of 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾. A handy pdf of the poster is attached below, and you can find more details about each of the activities on the National Trust website here:

Lunchtime Challenge

Pizza (or Roman flat bread) all round!

Home Learning - Friday 10th July

More work on mass today in Maths: estimating masses and ordering masses which may involve converting units. In English we are looking more closely at one of the poems from yesterday and writing a poem of our own. Finally, we are off hunting. This weeks spellings are in the pdf too. Enjoy!


If anyone has any photos of the lunch they prepared yesterday, send them in and I will share them below. I thoroughly enjoyed my pizza!

Home Learning - Thursday 9th July

Our Maths lesson today is converting units of mass, in English, we are reading and performing some poetry and our third activity is to do some cooking - your parents could do with a break! 

Roman Roads

Here are some brilliant Roman Road models. Ethan and Matthew have used layers of gravel, small stones, and flat stones or tiles to create the road surface. Bethany has made hers all out of Lego, with different colours to show the foundations.

Illuminated Letters

Home Learning - Wednesday 8th July

Some interesting combination problems today in Maths - these ideas will become really useful when you get on to probability in secondary school. In English, we are writing a new ending for Peter and the Wolf. For Topic today, we will be having a closer look at Roman roads. 

Home Learning - Tuesday 7th July

In Maths today, we have some scaling problems involving models of animals and cars. Our English lesson finds us writing an argument between duck and bird, inspired by Peter and the Wolf. Finally, in a nod to secondary school timetables, today we have Double English! We only have a few chapters of Mrs Frisby left - you can listen to me read it, read it yourself or with an adult. With the original problem of the book (Moving Day approaching and Timothy being too unwell to move) solved by the rats relocating Mrs Frisby's house in the last chapter, a new problem has arisen, this time posing a grave danger to the rats!


I've received a few End of Term Quizzes from people which I will share with you all shortly. Those that have sent me them so far have used or if you'd like to send me yours.

Mrs Frisby Chapter 26.mp4

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Home Learning - Monday 6th July

Today in Maths, we are dividing numbers that are multiples of 10 (hint: ignore the zeros and put them back on at the end). In English, we are learning about the story of Peter and the Wolf (check out the David Bowie narrated versos which is linked at the bottom of page 1 of today's pdf). Your third activity today is to create an All About Me page for Mrs Fairs, who will be teaching you next year. There are instructions in the pdf below. It would be great if you could send a digital copy to her by Friday, but if not, you could give it to her in person next week. 

Home Learning - Friday 3rd July


In Maths today, we will be multiplying 3 numbers together. In English,  we are reading a poem by Ted Hughes (remember him?) and continuing to work on apostrophes. Our third lesson is a quiz, only this time I want you to come up with the questions. I've also added this week's  spellings to the pdf.


I've added Ethan W's detailed powerpoint about Roman Gladiators to the link above.

Home Learning - Thursday 2nd July


In Maths today, we are putting our knowledge of factors to work to help us break down multiplication into easier steps. In English, we are doing some work on a poem called Sea Fever by John Masefield - I'd never heard of it but apparently it is very well known. I searched on youtube and found lots of people putting it to music (we tried that last term!). I really liked this version by Kris Delmhorst:

In Topic, the Roman Empire has collapsed, and we meet some monks in the next chapter of ALotW.


I've added Hang Yee's fab presentation video about Roman houses. You might like to pause it while watching so that you can read all the text. 

How Progesses the Manuscript - John Finnemore.mp3

Home Learning - Wednesday 1st July

In Maths today, we are adding pairs of 4-digit numbers. If you find that really easy, be sure to have a go at the investigation. In English, we are learning a bit of the history related to Henry's story and writing a letter from the perspective of Henry as a child. In Science we are learning about volume and pitch and how they relate to sound waves. Do have a play around with the Chrome MusicLab link!

Home Learning - Tuesday 30th June


In Maths today, we are adding amounts of money using column addition. In English, we have a different reading of Henry's Freedom Box to listen to, this time by the author herself. We are going to be reading some extracts and illustrating some key events from the story. In P.S.H.E. we will be learning about the Black Lives Matter movement and thinking about diversity.


I've  added two new Roman's presentations. Ethan H has researched Roman military tactics and Esme has got lots to tell you about Roman food.

Home Learning - Monday 29th June


We are adding 3 numbers together using column addition today in Maths, our English lesson involves a moving story about someone from American history, and in Topic we have another chapter of A Little History, and we are looking at Canterbury through the ages. I've added Natalie's presentation about Roman clothing to the link above and it is well worth a look.

Home Learning - Friday 25th June

Today, we are learning about Roman numerals in Maths and we have more poetry in English. I've uploaded the end of Chapter 25 of Mrs Frisby for you to listen to or read - no comprehension questions to worry about today. Finally, we are going to try some outdoor Art! I've also received some more brilliant Romans presentations which I've added to the link above.

Painting with Water.mp4

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Mrs Frisby Chapter 25 Escape - Part 2

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After this, we have just 3 chapters left of Mrs Frisby! Either listen to me reading this on the video above, or read it yourself with the attached pdf.

Home Learning - Thursday 25th June

More 3D shapes in Maths today - sorting them into Venn diagrams. There is a PowerPoint to take a look at too - on the first page, the shapes that are already inside the Venn diagram are in the correct places. You just need to place into the diagram the shapes that are around the outside  Be sure to have a go at the 'Check your understanding' activities which are quite interesting. In English, we are reading some poetry, reflecting on it and reading it aloud. Finally, after your hard work on your presentation, we are inventing a silly game in P.E. 


And, as a completely optional bonus, I've uploaded another John Finnemore sketch.

John Finnemore - P.E. Sketch

Roman Presentations

Since you've spent so long researching and preparing your presentations it would be good to share what we've learnt. Here is Amy's PowerPoint about Roman Myths and Legends, and Susie's PowerPoint about Roman Food and Drink, for you to download and have a look at. I learnt lots by looking at both of them! If you'd like me to share something from your presentation here, just email it to me at

Home Learning - Wednesday 24th June

In Maths today, we are revisiting the properties of 3D shapes, and in English, we will be writing our our own Ananse story inspired by a picture. It's the final day of our preparation for your Romans presentation, so I've got pages and pages of suggestions for you to read. 

Home Learning - Tuesday 23rd June

Today, in Maths, we are looking at factors again, this time going backwards and trying to match the factors to the product. There are some interesting questions to consider in the investigation too. In English, we have another Ananse story (apparently there are thousands of these!) and more work on conjunctions. In Topic, you're continuing with the preparation for your presentations - don't miss my Top Tips!

Home Learning - Monday 22nd June

Happy Birthday Olivia. I hope you have a lovely day! smiley 

Today, we are practising our 7 times tables and reading a story about a spider called Ananse. In Topic, we will be beginning to prepare a presentation about the Romans. 

Musical Glasses

After my failed attempt to make a tune on the glassware, you've been showing me how it is supposed to be done! If you have any videos of yourselves making some sounds, that you'd like me to share with everyone on the website, then send them to me at (just add a note saying that you're happy for them to go on the website).

Here's Oliver playing a tune with a spoon!

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Vashti's version of Hedwig's Theme

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And here are Matthew and Bethany with their musical glasses! Matthew is using steak knives as drumsticks!

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Home Learning - Friday 18th June

In Maths today, we are sorting triangles by their properties. It asks you on the worksheets to use a set square; if you don't have one (I don't!), just tear off the corner or a piece of paper - that will be a right angle. More poetry in English,  where you will be using prepositional phrases and writing about a mysterious ruined castle. In Science/Music we are messing around in the kitchen. Try not to annoy other family members too much!

A Glass Half Full

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Home Learning - Thursday 18th June

Today, in Maths, we are looking at the properties of 2D shapes. When you finish the main task, the investigation involving triangles is really interesting. In English, we're reading and writing some poetry about animals. Badgers get a mention, and, funnily enough, we filmed a badger in our garden a couple of nights ago! I'll post the video below. In Art, we are learning about Roman mosaics and we'll be designing some mosaics of our own.


I've received some great work emailed to me already and have enjoyed looking through the amazing Home Learning books that have already been sent in. Keep up the good work!


Thank you to those of you who have already sent in your lovely photos - I can't believe all the cool things you've been doing! If you haven't already, could everyone also try and get a photo of themselves at home during the next week or so. It doesn't have to be of you doing your home learning, just something fun to remember this period of Year 4. Please ask your parents to email your photo to the office or to our new email address; I'd like to use them for something. Your photos won't be shared publicly at all.

The badger in Mr Burns' garden!

Still image for this video

Home Learning - Wednesday 17th June

Home Learning - Tuesday 16th June

Yikes! I put my 'semicircular canals' and 'auditory nerve' labels in the wrong place (Vashti spotted it)!  When I'd moved the image they both got moved to the box above. It is corrected in the file below - sorry if I confused everyone!



Hello Class 4,


I hope that you have had a good weekend. A letter went home to your parents on Thursday 11th , explaining that the teachers whose classes are not back at school yet, will now need to spend time in school assisting with the provision for Key Workers’ children. Instead of daily Maths and English activities, I will now be uploading a weekly unit of Maths and English work. I will continue to upload a bespoke daily activity based on one of our foundation subjects as usual.   


To access the new lesson resources, simply click on the star (for the correct week) on the class page. Inside, you will see an instructional PowerPoint for each topic (which you can refer back to through the week) and then a lesson for each day of the week in PDF form. 

As always, do not worry if you can’t do everything, try your best - what’s most important is to have fun and enjoy learning.


I am really looking forward to seeing your Home Learning books. You can now share with me some of your proudest pieces of work by sending them to me at our new class email address: 


Mr Burns

Performing Arts Week: Naughty (from Matilda)

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Rapid Recall Facts


These are the staff who work in Class 4

Mr P Burns    Class 4 Teacher
Mr M Thomas   Learning Support Assistant

The Great Wall of China

After learning about the purpose of the Great Wall of China and its construction over many centuries, we tried making our own model of the wall out of clay. Each table worked together to build a guard tower and a wall section and then we put them all together to make one long wall which is on display outside Class 4.  

Making Switches

The children created their own switches out of cardboard, copper tape, tin foil, split pins, elastic bands and sellotape. They designed and built them in groups of 3 or 4 and afterwards we tested them. They all worked and there were some amazingly creative designs!

Wiring a Plug

With the increasing use of moulded plugs, actually wiring a plug is becoming a lost art! Not in Class 4, where we gamely dismantled and then reassembled our plugs. We learnt what the different wires and pins were and how a fuse works. Wiring a plug can be a very fiddly, frustrating task, but the children all showed amazing resilience and perseverance to accomplish it. 

3d Shape Making

We tried making 3d shapes using doweling and elastic bands. First, we made triangles and squares. We noticed how much more stable the triangles were, and decided to reinforce our squares with diagonal supports. Next, we tried to make cubes. Again, we used diagonal supports in each square, and we found that the supports had created two pyramids inside our cubes. Finally, we decided to make some regular tetrahedrons and see how high we could stack them to create bigger pyramids. The triangular based pyramid is a really strong, stable shape. We stacked 4 pyramids to make bigger ones and then stacked 4 of those to make a giant one!

Afternoon Tea

We all made scones in Class 4. The children prepared, measured and mixed the ingredients before rolling the dough and cutting out the scones. We took them to Michelle in the school kitchen, who very kindly stayed behind to bake them for us. There was much debate about whether to apply the cream first or the jam first, but we all agreed they were delicious.  

Minibeast Hunt

Class 4 spent an afternoon exploring the rich diversity of life to be found in the school grounds. The children found a host of different animals which they were able to observe closely and record information about. We were careful not to harm the creatures we found, although, in one case, a disgruntled bee didn't return that courtesy!