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Home Learning P.E. at Sheldwich


During our time at home, we have all been trying to remain as active as possible. Although, it has been challenging to maintain our P.E. sessions whilst not being at school; every class has been taking part in a range of superb activities from virtual cricket sessions, active bingo, walking as far as they can and completing a host of 60sec challenges. Have a look at the super things we have been up to below.

 Class R Ladybirds have been working on ball skills this term - throwing and catching, bouncing and aiming the ball. We have also focussed on keeping moving to keep healthy by doing some yoga, the 'bean game', 'give me ten', bike riding, walking and having fun in the snow.

Ladybirds are active!

PE Home Learning Class 1


Class 1 have been very active in PE this term. We have made obstacle courses including particular movements such as under and over, balancing, hopping and jumping. We have also taken part in yoga following the gingerbread man story.

P.E Home Learning: Class 2

For our P.E this term, we have been joining with some of the cricket lessons from 'chance to shine' - working on our batting and our bowling skills, while also working on some of our athletics skills, working on our standing two-footed long jump and the standing vertical jump. We even got some practice jumping in the snow too!

Class 2: P.E Home Learning

Class 2: Amelie's standing long jump (in the snow!)

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P.E. Home Learning - Class 3

Class 3 have been very busy each week in their P.E. lessons. We started Term 3 looking at dance and explored movements, routines and rhythm. The children had to copy dance routines as well as make up their own dance. We linked the dance to our Topic 'Ancient Egypt'. As well as dance, we have had a walking challenge in Class 3. The children started walking and recording how far they had walked using a variety of fitness apps and technology. They really enjoyed measuring the distances, so we decided to make it a focus and record our distances in kms. In one week the children walked over 200km, enjoying the focus and drive it gave them. Parents and children were keen for this to carry on so we set ourselves a new target of walking 1000km in February. We are currently doing an amazing job. 

Class 3 P.E.

Class 4 - Henry's Activity Scavenger Hunt

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In Class 5, we have competed in our own home pentathlon, taken part in virtual cricket sessions with 'Chance to Shine' , completed physical bingo and done some fun 60 second challenges. 

Class 5 - PE Home Learning

Ethan H completing in the active bingo

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Class 5's Home Pentathlon

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Class 6 Home Learning P.E. (Cricket)

Dance Competition Update

It is with great delight that I can share the results of the district dance competition. Having sent in our winning entries, I was delighted to hear that Vashti (Cl 5) came fourth and Margot (Cl 1) and Sebastian (Cl 3) won the bronze medals in their respective categories. Furthermore, Nayara won the silver medal in the KS2 Girls Novice Category.

A huge well done to all the people who entered the Virtual Dance Competition - Mrs Garrett and I really enjoyed watching all your dances. Enjoy watching the winning videos below.


Virtual Dance Winner - KS1 Novice Female - Margot Class 1

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Virtual Dance Winner - KS2 Competitive Female - Vashti Class 5

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Virtual Dance Winner - KS2 Novice Female - Nayara Class 4

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Virtual Dance Winner - KS2 Male Novice - Sebastian Class 3

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Virtual League Results


Year 1-6 have been taking part in a set of four sport competitions this term and the results are in for the first two. Here are the winning boys and girls for each class in the speed bounce and clap and catch competitions. They all received certificates in assembly today. The last two events: the football and golf competitions' results will be posted next week. Well done to everyone who took part.

    Clap and Catch


Class 1



Class 2



Class 3

Connie & Summer


Class 4



Class 5


Ethan S

Class 6




    Speed Bounce


Class 1



Class 2



Class 3



Class 4



Class 5



Class 6







Sheldwich Virtual Dance Competition


As you may know, we are a part of the Canterbury Sports Partnership and would usually be going to competitions held at the Canterbury Academy. These would see us compete against other local schools in a variety of sports. Obviously, this is currently not possible. However, they have launched an inaugural virtual dance competition, which I would like Sheldwich to be a part of.



It is a solo dance competition but is open to any male or female student in our school. There are some event requirements. As a school, we can only enter one entry in each of the following categories.

  • KS1 Novice (Male Solo)
  • KS1 Novice (Female Solo)
  • KS1 Competitive (Male Solo)
  • KS1 Competitive (Female Solo)
  • KS2 Novice (Male Solo)
  • KS2 Novice (Female Solo)
  • KS2 Competitive (Male Solo)
  • KS2 Competitive (Female Solo)


Novice:  for beginner dancers only who have little or no experience competing.

Competitive: for experienced dancers or those who do not wish to enter into the novice level.

KS1 = a child in Year R, 1 or 2

KS2 = a child in Year 3, 4, 5, 6


Here are the requirements for the dance routine.


Movement           The movement can be any style or genre but must be original in concept.


Time        Students should choreograph and perform between 30 and 60 seconds of movement.


Music                     The music must be commercially available with no explicit content.


Costume               Any appropriate costume may be worn with appropriate footwear.  No props are to be used.


Filming                  The dance must be filmed in landscape mode


Once you have sent in your video, I will be looking at them all and will be judging them alongside Mrs Garrett, using the guidance below. Certificates will be awarded to the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place entries with the winner in each of the categories going forward as the Sheldwich entry to the Canterbury Academy competition.

If you do not want your child’s video entered into the Canterbury Academy competition, please let me know when you send it in. I will then just enter it to the Sheldwich judging.

All entries need to be emailed to for me to look at by Monday 30th November so that we have time to judge them and send our winning entries to the Canterbury Academy on time. Please state your name, class and whether you are entering the novice or competitive competition.




Movement pieces will be scored by the judges on the following:



Overall performance of the dancer, including facial expressions, connection with the music, connection with the audience/judges.




Formations are interesting/clear, includes different levels and variation, choreography is appropriate for the dancer based on age and experience.




The level of technical proficiency for the specific dance category. Use of footwork and arms, and the correct execution of movements.





The music adheres to the time limit requirements for the entry type. Music is appropriate for the age of the dancer and contains no explicit content.

Rhythmic interpretation and movement of the dancer.


I am looking forward to watching all your videos - good luck.

Mrs Fairs

Sheldwich Dance Competition

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Sports Awards

After nominating Sheldwich in a few categories for the annual district sports awards organised by the Canterbury Academy. I am pleased to announce that we won some of them. smiley We have been awarded the Sports partnership award for 'Contribution to Active 30 Award', our Yr 5/6 Hockey Team won KS2 Team of the Year. A few individuals were also successful, Serena for the 'Most Competitive Appearances 2019/2020', Thiago was 'KS2 Sports Personality of the Year 2019-20' and Luca (Yr 6) won the Sportsmanship Award 2019-20. Well done to everyone - I am very proud of you all.

Mrs Fairs

Personal Bests yes


At Sheldwich, we encourage the pupils to follow all the School Games values whenever we participate in any sporting activity. We pride ourselves on showing this values whether we are competing at school or against another school. Most importantly, at Sheldwich we want the children to try their best and endeavour to improve it. The idea of their personal best and striving to beat it, is held highly and praised, celebrated and encouraged.

Sheldwich awarded highest Kitemark award for sport

Swimming Ability of Current Year 6 (2018/19)

34 children in the Class

% able to swim over 25M

% able to use a range of strokes

% confident/able to self- rescue

% non-swimmers