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Welcome to Class 2 - Dragonflies

These are the staff who work in Class 2

Term 5 Overview

Rapid Recall Facts

Spellings: 19/04/2024 - Tested on 26/04/2024

Easter Service

PE - Tennis Skills

Music - Graphic Scores on 'Ally Ally Oh' instrumental

Fantatsic Friday - Boat Construction

Spellings: 22/03/2024 - Tested on 28/03/2024

Spellings: 15/03/2024 - Tested on 22/03/2024

HSBC Fairytale Banking

Science - Materials

The children conducted an investigation about light, to see which materials let through the most.

"The wood was definitely opaque" Alex

"The card was translucent" Annabel

"Plastic materials were completely transparent" William

Arts Week - Pieter de Hooch (A courtyard of a House in Delft)

Dinosaur Photo Editing

Dinosaur Information Posters

Happy New Year and Thank You!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.


Just a little note to say thank you for all of our wonderful Christmas gifts - You're a very kind and generous class! Both Ms Hill and I were thrilled!


Mr Daintree and Ms Hill


Nativity - The Inn-Spectors

Christmas Panto

Charcoal: Fire of London Cityscape

RE Day - Christmas!

Spellings 04/12/2023 - Tested on Monday 11th December 2023

Butterflies and Dragonflies had such a fun time in the snow! We were very excited to see it arrive and settle!

Spellings: 27/11/2023 - Tested on Monday 4th December 2023

eBook - Week 5

Spellings: 17/11/2023 - Tested on 27/11/2023


We had such fun during our STEM week, which was themed on 'Movie Magic'. We watched a clip from a different children's film each day and completed an investigation or activity based on it! We watched ratatouille and learnt about a balanced diet - making omelettes along the way. We also watched Luca and worked out how much water would be wasted if we left the tap running while we brushed our teeth. Our biggest challenge was making a solar system in a box after watching a Star Wars clip - the children tried their best to make the planets to scale!

Spellings: 13/11/2023 - Tested on 17/11/2023

eBook: Green Pets

Oare Gunpowder Works School Trip

We had a brilliant time on our school trip to Oare gunpowder works. We learnt all about how the site was used to make gunpowder in the past and about it's current role in Faversham as a protected nature site. We enjoyed the outdoor learning and forest school activities along the way too!


Spellings: 03/11/2023 - Tested on 10/11/2023

eBook 03/11/2023

DT - Levers and Linkages (Rainforest Animals)

Music Term 1 - Samba Rhythm

Layers of the Rainforest Collage

Fantastic Friday

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: Drama

2022-2023 Year 2 Cohort

Below is the collection of photos from our Dragonflies class last year. We had a wonderful time! If you're moving into Year 2, do have a look at what you might be getting up to in the year to come!

Team building is essential during sports week!

Yummy, yummy it's smoothie bike time

Relaxing and finding peace in yoga this sports week

Spellings: 30/06/2023 - Tested on 7/07/2023

Spellings 23/07/2023 - Tested on 30/06/2023

Music: Rhythm Matching using Djembes

PE Term 5 - Athletics + Batting and Fielding

Fantastic Friday - Painting Pebbles for Wellbeing Garden

Thanet School Trip - Turner Contemporary, Seaside and Synagogue!

Easter Service

Happy Mothers' Day from Class 2

Tom Delahunt Poetry Workshop

PE Superhero Dance

Dinosaur Fossils

We have been thinking about fossils during this term and how they are made. Given the importance of fossils to the discovery of dinosaurs, we have decided to recreate some fossils (without the millions of years-waiting time!) using a malleable material.

Term 3 Rapid Recall Cards

Essential Letters and Sounds

Please click on the link below to access videos which will help you to support your child/ren with their phonics.



These sounds are taught in Phase 5. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will be taught these sounds.

‘High Frequency’ Words

All children in Classes R, 1 and 2 bring home a pack of ‘High Frequency’ words every week on a Friday. Some of these words are very difficult to sound out the normal way so they need to be memorised. It is very important for the children to learn these words as they will come up consistently in reading books. As the children move to Class 1 and 2, the words form the basis of the childrens’ writing.

We would like the children to spend just 5 minutes per day learning the words – you may like to devise a game with the words or write the words on paper to stick around the house!

Please keep the words in your child’s school bag so they can be used in school on a daily basis.

If you have any questions regarding ‘High Frequency’ words (HFW) please speak to your class teacher or Mrs Fairs, the Key Stage 1 Manager.


Find below, a large list of HFW to check off throughout the year.