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Physical Education Intent, Implementation and Impact

Subject Lead: Mrs Fairs




At Sheldwich Primary School, we believe that Physical Education is an integral part of our curriculum that is inclusive and engages all pupils. It is our aim to engage and get children involved in sports from a young age, making them healthier and happier too. We teach our children the specific knowledge, skills and physical literacy they need to become proficient within different sports alongside teaching them the core sporting values of honesty, determination, teamwork, self-belief, passion and respect. At Sheldwich, children develop the knowledge, skills and competence to excel in a broad range of sports and physical activities. We intend to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire all children to reach their potential and achieve their personal best in physical education, school sport and physical activity.  We want our pupils to engage in lessons that are enjoyable, challenging and accessible to all.  


Through our teaching of PE, we will provide opportunities for children to learn how to cooperate and collaborate with others as part of an effective team, understand fairness and equality and appreciate the benefits of a healthy and physically active lifestyle. We aim for all children to be physically active for sustained periods of time and be able to make informed decisions to lead healthy and active lives. We provide opportunities to compete in sport and other activities which build character and help to embed those values such as fairness and respect.  



All children receive two hours of physical education a week. These lessons are delivered either by class teachers or occasionally by specialist PE coaches, who have expert knowledge and are extensively trained in the areas of the curriculum they teach. The areas covered in the PE curriculum for EYFS and Key Stage 1 focus on the development of fundamental movements. In their outdoor lessons the children improve their physical literacy through a wide range of multi-skills. These skills are then developed in more specific games and sports throughout Key Stage 2. The children also take part in indoor lessons, which consist of dance and gymnastics units. Here the children have the chance to develop their creative skills, whilst continually improving their balance, strength, coordination and agility. Swimming is an important life skill; we aspire for all children to leave primary school being able to swim at least 25 metres. 


Our balance of individual, team, co-operative, competitive and creative activities cater for individual pupils’ needs and abilities. The scheme of work is based on progressive learning objectives and key skills which, combined with varied and flexible teaching styles, provides stimulating, challenging and enjoyable learning opportunities for pupils. 


The curriculum is further enhanced by participation in numerous sporting tournaments and events with other schools in the local area and after school clubs.  In addition to this, staff supervise activities at lunchtime, including; outdoor fitness equipment, football, skipping and handball. Our Year 6 Sports leaders also offer opportunities for intra-school competitions and challenges outside of weekly PE lessons and at lunchtimes. 

As well as this, we will be developing teacher’s confidence in this subject with more CPD opportunities throughout the year. 



At Sheldwich, we ensure that our PE curriculum is engaging, allowing the children to develop fundamental skills and apply them to a variety of sports and activities. 


As a result of our teaching you will see: 


  • Engaged children who are all challenged. 

  • Physically active children – engaged in their classroom learning. 

  • Children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise. 

  • Children will leave Sheldwich with a positive attitude towards physical activity and sport, and feel confident enough to continue being active throughout their lifetime. 

  • All children understand the values and importance of fair play and being a good sportsperson. 

  • Children playing together co-operatively and participating in physically active games at 

  • lunchtime which are led by engaged adults and Sports Crew 

  • High percentage of pupils leaving Year 6 meeting National Curriculum Expectations for swimming (confidently swim 25 metres unaided, use a range of recognised strokes and perform safe self-rescue techniques) 



Teacher assessment and pupil self-assessment are an integral part of PE lessons at Sheldwich Primary School. Teachers continuously assess pupils after each lesson, assessing their abilities against the lesson’s learning objective. 

The assessment of children in P.E. is noted termly on the schoolwide ‘Foundation Assessment’ file and is reported to parents twice yearly through the ‘Mid-Year Report’ and ‘End of Year Report’.