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Welcome to Class 5 - Foxes

Picture 1 Foxes
Picture 1 Miss D West Class 5 Teacher
Picture 2 Mr A Wallace LSA
Picture 3 Mrs R Fairs Class 5 Teacher (on maternity leave)
Well, no sooner was the classroom cleaned up nicely after Arts Week, did the junk modelling come out again!  This time, Class 5 have started making their wonderful fairground rides.  So much care and attention to detail went into their inventions; the children have clearly developed some very useful designing and engineering skills throughout their years at Sheldwich.  However, it was the atmosphere in class today, with the children effectively collaborating with excitement and enthusiasm, that was simply joyful!   We can't wait to see the finished products!

Thrills n Spills

Thrills n Spills 1
Thrills n Spills 2
Thrills n Spills 3
Thrills n Spills 4
Thrills n Spills 5
Thrills n Spills 6
Thrills n Spills 7


Class 5 have been enormously inspired by our English topic, The Titanic.  The children have enjoyed compiling their research creatively in their personal 'lapbooks' and have produced some descriptive and emotive written diary accounts from the perspective of one of the passengers on board the 'Unsinkable Ship!'  Here is a small selection of the wonderful work by Foxes Class.
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Picture 10
Our Topic, this term, is Thrills n Spills!  We are learning about the history of theme and amusement parks, how fairground rides work and so much more.  In these pictures, the children are making models of Dobbies or Carousels from lego and Knex.  They had to describe how they would be powered, with ideas ranging from manual pushing to jet engines!
In Gymnastics, specialist teacher Ms Poulter, from Canterbury Academy, has been teaching the class how to create and perform balance routines.
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We began the term, in Maths, by learning how to read and convert the time in 12 hour and 24 hour clock as well as reading timetables.  Class 5 then moved on to adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and finding fractions of amounts.  We will soon be looking at Place Value and how to read and understand the value of 6 digit numbers.


Reading Timetables

Reading Timetables 1
Reading Timetables 2
Reading Timetables 3
Reading Timetables 4
Reading Timetables 5
Reading Timetables 6
Reading Timetables 7

Hockey training with Keir Starley

We were lucky enough to have Keir Starley, an England hockey goalkeeping coach and Oscar's uncle, come into school and run a hockey training session with the class. We picked up lots of tips and even got to see all of his medals! Thanks to him for giving up his time.


The class have produced some outstanding pencil drawings of landmarks from the continent of Oceania. We focused on using a range of different pencil types to create depth, texture and shading.

Science Day - Skeletal System

On Science day, we looked at the skeletal system. We had a go at labelling some of our key bones and then drawing our own skeletons and labelling them. The challenge was then set to design and create something that will protect a chocolate teacake from breaking when we dropped it from a set height - there were some very creative ideas.

Tinga Tinga Art

Tinga Tinga Art 1
Tinga Tinga Art 2


We have been looking at balance and control in gymnastics. Particularly, how we mount and dismount equipment.

We had a jam-packed and wonderful day at Maidstone Museum on our class trip. Having two hands-on and practical workshops in the morning was ideal. Firstly, we handled a range of ancient Greek artefacts and replicas and we had to decide what the theme of the items were. We then had the chance to make their own clay theatre masks and oil lamps which were marvellous. The class showed great focus and attention whilst completing the task. The afternoon session gave us the chance to explore the museum and complete the i-pad trail. This was met with opportunities to dress up in fashion through time which was enjoyed by many! 

Ancient Greek Olympics

Ancient Greek Olympics 1
Ancient Greek Olympics 2
Ancient Greek Olympics 3
We had a go at staging our own mini version of the ancient Greek Olympics and competed against each other in five events; sprinting, shot putt, long jump, javelin and long distance. The winning girls and boys from each event were crowned champions - literally, receiving an olive branch wreath.

Science - Separating mixtures

Science - Separating mixtures 1
Science - Separating mixtures 2
Science - Separating mixtures 3
Science - Separating mixtures 4
We learnt about the Greek alphabet and had a go at writing our names using it!

Greek Temples

Greek Temples 1
Greek Temples 2
Greek Temples 3
Greek Temples 4
Greek Temples 5
Greek Temples 6
In topic this week, we have looked at the importance of temples to the Greeks and why they built them. We learnt that the built them as homes for their gods or goddesses and that they had a statue of that god in the temple. They were often made from stone or marble and had either Doric or Ionic columns. We then had a go at making our own.