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Welcome to Class 5 - Foxes

Picture 1 Foxes
Picture 1 Mrs R Fairs Class 5 Teacher
Picture 2 Mr A Wallace LSA

Welcome to Class 5 - The Foxes!

We have begun the year with enthusiasm and hard work which has been really lovely to see. This term we are learning all about the Ancient Greeks and with this in English our first unit is all about Greek myths and legends. We will be looking at Materials and their properties in Science and even learning Spanish - courtesy of Mr Wallace being a fluent speaker!

P.E. is on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Proud work

Proud work 1
Proud work 2
Proud work 3

Some of our descriptive writing in English was very impressive based on the characters from Pandora's Box! Here are just a few brilliant examples.

Zeus’ rough, white hair billows in unseen winds. His powerful posture creates a shimmering aura around him like a golden mist. Cunning shows in wrinkles that spread across Zeus’ face.        


As the wind delicately blew, Pandora’s golden locks danced around behind her. Every step she takes is as light as a feather drifting gently away. Her eyes are so blue and deep that if you saw them you’d be afraid that you’ll fall into them.                                                          


Zeus, king of the gods, listens to Earth whilst proudly holding his lightning bolt in his colossal fist.