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Welcome to Class 5 - Foxes

Picture 1 Foxes
Picture 1 Mrs R Fairs Class 5 Teacher
Picture 2 Ms T Bristow Learning Support Assistant
Picture 3 Mrs J Pugsley Learning Support Assistant

Healthy Living Day at the Abbey School

We had a great time at the Abbey School doing lots of fun healthy living related activities. The children took part in a range of lessons through out the day including: P.E., Science, Drama, Food Technology, French and Design.

Marathon Challenge

Film Trailers

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Outdoor Learning with Mrs Maw - Perimeter and Area

In English, we have been looking at 'film narrative' studying Black Beauty and now the animated film clip 'The Piano'. The class used some pictures from the clip to write descriptively and to great effect. Here are a few examples of our outstanding writing.


His long slender fingers arched over the fragile piano keys, tapping them one by one. As the piano sung a beautiful song, the man looked solemnly into the distance. The man’s bulging eyes gazed at the dim, dusky room as if it were full of colour. Suddenly, the depressing memories started to stab him like a knife, letting them sink in second after second.                                                     Olivia


Sadly the old, man wearing an olive green waistcoat; his mind running away with his tragic past. His bony fingers glide along the delicate piano keys which make a beautiful melody. Salty tears ran down his face and his wide, blood shot eyes gazed at his shrivelled hand and finger going across the keys, his emotion pressing them for him.                                                                                 Tia

Science Workshop at the Abbey School