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Welcome to the Sheldwich Primary School PTA (also known as 'Supporters of Sheldwich').



The PTA (Supporters of Sheldwich) has a Data Protection Statement which will be available on the website soon. In the meantime, if you would like to see it, please ask at the school office.



We have an extremely active parent/teacher/staff association at Sheldwich Primary School who organise many events throughout the year, to raise additional funds, enabling the school to purchase the ‘extras’ for the pupils.


For the academic year 2016 - 2017, our committee is made up as follows:

Chair - Mark Duffy

Secretary - Vacancy

Treasurer - Ed Scott


Committee Members:

Hannah Fallows (parent)

Adrian Drury (parent

Mrs Spencer-Brown (office)

Mr Cork (teacher)


We now have photos up on the playground notice board so you know who we are! If you have any questions or ideas for the PTA please come and speak to the office staff.


Over recent years the PTA have been able to help with the cost of taking the children to the theatre, provided large outdoor play activities such as a traverse climbing wall and an outdoor classroom, bought thousands of pounds of new resources, equipped our ICT suite with 30 computers and more books for the junior and infant libraries. They have helped the school pay for an all weather surface next to the playground which serves as an outdoor dining space and also lots of beautiful picnic tables which have improved the area no end! We now have 32 pairs of good quality headphones for our IT suite.


Quote from Mr Cork "That is the quietest IT lesson I have ever had!"


The PTA also continually raise funds to buy new books for the library.


Fund raising events take place throughout the year for pupils and parents to participate in. As well as the traditional Christmas and Summer Fair, the PTA organises parties for pupils, an Easter Egg Hunt and very popular quiz nights for parents and staff to enjoy.







Photos of the Festival