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School Council

Our School Council for 2017/18 has been elected by ballot and our representatives are as follows:


Class R   Eadie and Edward

Class 1   Isobella and Zachary

Class 2   Ethan S and Bethany

Class 3   Franki and Thomas

Class 4   Poppy and Joshua

Class 5   Sadie and Otto

Class 6   Ashton and Emilia

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Today (Thursday 19th October) the School Council met with Mrs Garrett, (Headteacher) Mrs Spencer-Brown, (School Administrator) and 2 of our governors, David Milham and Lucy Alder.


We spent some time discussing the role of our council in the school and what 'democracy' means. Then we had a conversation about which charities we would like to support this year. Suggestions at the moment are Water Aid, Happy Endings, Faversham Cottage Hospital, Macmillan and RSPCA but we have not made any decisions yet.


We are meeting for the whole afternoon on Thursday 9th November to do a craft activity ready for an event in December ... but we are not going to tell you what it is yet!