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Kent Junior Chess Association - Grand Prix 4

It was great to have six children from Sheldwich competing in the KJCA tournament in Maidstone. The children, most of them playing in their first KJCA event, all did brilliantly, and contributed to Sheldwich being the highest scoring school in the U9 section. Oli finished tied for 1st place in the U9s with 5/6, a wonderful achievement, and just reward for all the work he's put in over the last year to improve his chess. Felix, Sean and Josh all played in the U9 section too, whilst Will and Adam played in the, very strong, U11 section. All the results can be found here. Thank you to the parents for bringing the children along. Hopefully, we will have another good turnout for the next competition at Dulwich College, on Sunday 11th February.  

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* Three of our successful Sheldwich chess players, plus two imposters from Selling!

London Chess Classic Trip

We had a wonderful time at the Chess Classic. There was a full day of chess activities arranged by the charity Chess in Schools and Communities. In the morning, the children received coaching from CSC coaches and a talk from GM Chris Ward (who is the coach of the Kent U9 and U11 teams). He showed the children the position from the chess game in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and analysed Ron and Harry's tactical options. Some children got to go up on stage, where the Super GM tournament would be played that evening, to play against children from other schools. As they played, electronic boards relayed their moves to the big screen behind them and we all cheered them on. Later, the children played in a 5-round tournament and all did very well. Adam received a medal for his very impressive 4 wins. The children were full of enthusiasm after the tournament and most of them played chess all the way home on the coach!

Sandwich Megafinal Success for Sheldwich Chess Players


The Megafinal of the UK Chess Challenge was held on Sunday 30th April, with 14 children from Sheldwich taking part. The children all did amazingly well and were a real credit to the school. It was lovely to see so many focused, eager faces as they played their games. The tournament was played in a very good spirit and there was excellent sportsmanship on display throughout a very long day of chess. 


Five Sheldwich players qualified for the next round (the Gigafinal) on Saturday 22nd-23rd July 2017 in Twickenham. 


Dylan did brilliantly to win the Under 7 Boys trophy, scoring 4/6 in a section which included Under 8s too. 

Molly won the Under 8 Girls trophy with 3.5/6. 

Jack, with 5/6, won the Under 10 Boys trophy, beating all the Under 11 Boys (grouped together in his section) in the process.

Oli and Sean both qualified from the U8 Boys section with scores of 4/6.


Well done to everyone that took part and good luck to anyone going on to play in the next round!


Full details are available in the pdfs below: 

Oliver T wins the Sheldwich Chess Tournament 2017 with six wins and a draw from his seven games.


In a very close-run event, Oliver has won by half a point from James D and Jack D who tied for second place. Going into Monday morning's final round, any of 5 children could still win the tournament, but Oliver took an early lead in material in his game and clinically converted the advantage to ensure that his tournament lead was unassailable.  James D deserves a special mention for also going all seven games undefeated, with his two draws both coming by way of stalemate when he was overwhelmingly winning (including his game against the eventual champion!).


The children have all played brilliantly over the last three weeks and all are to be commended for their competitiveness, concentration and sportsmanship.


The competition also functions as a qualifying event for the national UK Chess Challenge. The next round of which is the regional Megafinal, to be held in Sandwich on Sunday 30th April. Qualification cards will be sent home on Friday. It is at Sandwich Tech School, as last year, and is a really good introduction to competitive chess. There is an entry fee of £15.00.


The full list of children qualifying is as follows:

Top Y6 Boy and Girl: Oliver T and Maddy K

Top Y5 Boy and Girl: James D, Jack D (tied) and Georgie M

Top Y4 Boy and Girl: Emile BH and Sadie L

Top Y3 Boy and Girl: Jim HM, Sean D, Oli G (tied) and Molly W, Eeva P (tied)

Top KS1 Boy and Girl: Dylan T and Isla D, Maya GH (tied)

Additionally, scoring 17 points or more (5 wins): Will H, Adam O, Charles G, Rafael P and Alex L

The results and final standings are below:

Just one round to go in the school chess tournament. To allow all the games to be played at once, the final round will be held on Monday morning in the hall. The rules of the competition stipulate that any players tied for the lead in their age category will all qualify for the Megafinal. However, just for the title of School Champion, should there be a tie after the final round, any players tied will enter a play-off on Monday to determine the overall winner.


As it stands, five players have already qualified for the Megafinal in Sandwich by scoring at least 17 points: Oliver T (Y6), Adam O, Will H, James D and Jack D (all Y5). Those five players will be contesting the title of School Champion in the final round. Lots of other children can still qualify as highest scoring boy and girl in their year group so there is plenty still to play for. Good luck to everyone involved!

The UK Chess Challenge awards 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. On this basis, there are small rewards available to the children when they reach the following points:


3 points - Badge

6 points - 1st Gold Spot (sticker for badge)

9 points - 2nd Gold Spot

11 points - Mascot

12 points - 3rd Gold Spot

15 points - 4th Gold Spot plus Chess Score Book

17 points - Automatic qualification for the Megafinal

18 points - 5th Gold Spot

21 points - 6th Gold Spot


The overall tournament winner will receive a trophy.

The school chess tournament began this week with 45 competitors. We will be playing 7 rounds, at lunchtimes, over the next three weeks. The pairings are made using a Swiss system in which no-one is knocked-out and the children will be playing other children on similar scores. Each round's pairings and results will be posted here so you can see how your children are getting on.


The tournament is part of the UK Chess Challenge which is a national competition and the children could go on to compete against children from other schools. Further details can be found here: There will be an overall school champion and the highest scoring boy and girl at U7, U8, U9, U10 and U11 (plus any child scoring 17 points or more) will all qualify for the Megafinal in Sandwich on 30th April.