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Welcome to Class 3 - Squirrels

Picture 1 Squirrels

These are the staff who work in Class 3

These are the staff who work in Class 3 1 Mrs A Minty Class 3 Teacher
These are the staff who work in Class 3 2 Mrs J Hilden LSA

School Trip

We recently went on a trip to Detling Showground to take part in an event called 'Living Land'. This event features 5 interactive and hands on areas, all about agriculture and farming in Kent:

  • Animals - we got to see, stroke and hold various animals, including: pigs, sheep, lambs, cows, puppies, chicks, rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • Birds of Prey show - we watched a show featuring owls, hawks and other birds of prey.
  • Discovery and Machinery - we saw some vintage farm machinery and learnt about how it worked and we also learnt about how things are turned from farm products into things that we use in our every day lives, like wool being processed from the fleece of a sheep to knitting wool. 
  • Touch and Taste - we got to sample some of the food which is grown on farms in Kent and learn how some food products, like butter, are made. 
  • Sheep Show - we watched a show and learnt about how sheep have been bred to suit our needs and even got to see them do a little dance!

Arts Week

During Arts week we focused on the painting 'Water Lily Pond' by Monet. We had a go at making our own version using watercolour paints and a wax resist technique for the bridge. We also made our own 3D water lily which had many different components. Finally, we had a go at some tile printing using polystyrene tiles which we decorated with our own geometric designs. We found the more simple the design, the more effective they eventually looked!

Class Assembly

The children put on a fantastic Class Assembly to show off all their learning this term! If you managed to make it, then thank you very much for coming. If you were unable to come, then here are some pictures for you to enjoy!