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Welcome to Class 3 - Squirrels

Picture 1 Squirrels
Picture 1 MIss A Bird Class 3 Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs S Stears Learning Support Assistant
Picture 3 Ms C Heywood Learning Support Assistant
Picture 4 Mr M Thomas Learning Support Assistant

School Trip - Living Land at Detling Showground


We had a great time at Living Land, learning all about working farm life in Kent. We visited 5 zones:


1-Sheep Show - a show about the different breeds of sheep, watching a sheep getting sheared and we even saw some sheep showing off their dance moves!


2- Discovery and Machinery - a look at the machinery used for farming in Kent as well as learning about different groups that have links to agriculture.


3- Animals - we got to see a number of working animals such as goats, sheep, cows and horses as well as smaller animals such as chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs.


4-Touch and Taste - we got to see how our food is made and grown and even got to try some! The sausages were particular favourites of the class.


5-Birds of Prey - a show featuring an owl, hawk, vulture and eagle. We were taught about how they fly and how they hunt.

We are learning...


The children are excelling in their Maths learning and are now using formal addition and in the coming weeks, will also be learning formal subtraction. They have also learnt the grid method of multiplication, with some children completing 2 digit x 2 digit calculations! Soon we will be looking at 'Time' again, so it would be really helpful to have a push on that from home too, even if it's just getting children to recognise times that they wake up, have breakfast, leave for school, get home, go to bed etc.


In English they have been loving our 'Oliver Jeffers' focus. It's easy to forget how much rich learning can be gained from a focus on picture books. We've learnt about ellipses, punctuating speech, told stories from different points of view and made comparisons between different books.


In Topic, we have been learning about Clothes and Coverings. We've thought about different materials that are used and why they're used and we've had a go at replicating some decorative techniques. The children have recently designed a piece of clothing to match a given criteria which they will be presenting to the class (Dragon's Den style!) and then attempting to make!