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Welcome to Class 3 - Squirrels

Picture 1 Squirrels
Picture 1 MIss A Bird Class 3 Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs S Stears Learning Support Assistant
Picture 3 Ms C Heywood Learning Support Assistant
Picture 4 Mr M Thomas Learning Support Assistant

School Trip - Groombridge Place

We recently visited Groombridge Place, where we spent a lot of time in their Enchanted Forest. We begun our journey in the Robinson Crusoe playground where the children participated in some of the most imaginative play I have ever seen! They had their own characters with backstories that they had imagined and split into teams of 'goodies' and 'baddies'. We then explored the forest and some of us (who were very brave!) walked across the top of the forest in the Treetop Walkway.

We are learning...


The children are excelling in their Maths learning and are now using formal methods of calculation for each of the operations, although this is something that we are still constantly revising to secure their understanding. Soon we will be looking at 'Time' again, so it would be really helpful to have a push on that from home too, even if it's just getting children to recognise times that they wake up, have breakfast, leave for school, get home, go to bed etc.


In English they have been loving our 'Traditional Tales' focus. It's such a good way for children to broaden their imaginations and allows for rich language and vocabulary to be used. 


Our Topic is 'Once Upon A Time' which links beautifully with our English learning. We have thought about what artefacts we would put in a Fairy Tale museum, practised our map skills by making our own Fairy Tale maps and been into the woods to make Fairy Tale houses.