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Sports Week June 2021


Sports Week 2021 was a celebration of trying new sports, getting active and working together. The theme was the Tokyo Olympics and we had a real focus and drive on instilling the School Games Values across the school. Throughout the week, each class had organised sports coaching sessions and time to engage in some competitive inter-house competitions. 

Every class started the week by looking at previous Olympic medals, designing their own and then making them out of clay. Once they had dried, we painted them gold, attached some ribbon and wore them with pride.


Olympic medals

The School Games Values of DETERMINATION, HONESTY, TEAMWORK, PASSION, SELF-BELIEF, RESPECT were a central focus throughout the week. Raffle tickets and values stickers were awarded for them and children clearly tried hard to demonstrate them.


We all took part in a range of inter-house competitions in a variety of sports. We competed in handball, hockey, football, rounders and different athletic races. It was a wonderful chance to use some of the skills we had learnt this year.

Inter-house Competitions

During the week, we also had sports sessions from a range of coaches including: golf, sitting volleyball, lacrosse, tchoukball, squash and a mini Olympic races for KS1. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to learn new sports, try new skills and learn from some experts. The children liked having the chance to experience sports they had never heard of and were keen to do more of them.

Trying New Sports

It was fantastic to welcome Gemma from Canterbury Academy to Sheldwich, she conducted a day of cheerleading sessions with each class. This was highly successful and was a real highlight for many. Each class learnt some basic moves, put a routine to music using pompoms and some even got to do some gymnastic moves. 


We also held a intra-school tennis competition, where each class had a set amount of time to complete as many volleys or bounces of the ball with the racket and the top three children in every class received certificates. We also conducted a 30 second skipping competition to see how may skips we could complete. Our aim was to improve our personal best scores and use the data to enter the local skipping league. Everyone had a super attempt and lots of improvement was seen. 

Personal Best Challenges

Alongside the active sports and competitions, each class completed a piece of Olympic/sport related art which is proudly displayed on their class pages. There was a lovely spread of different examples and techniques used, even some chalk art!


After Sports Week had finished, each class teacher asked some of their pupils for their thoughts on the week. 


Isla - Little Hedgehogs - 'Look I can run faster than Agnes, but not as fast as Monty.'

Olivia - Little Hedgehogs - '1, 2, 3, 4, 5 rings, I need a pink ribbon.' (Whilst making her Olympic medal).


Dexter - Ladybirds - 'I enjoyed the week . I liked the running and the sack race - I came first!'

Dorothea - Ladybirds - 'I liked doing the running races. I want to do more cheerleading. I couldn't skip but now I can - I am proud of that!'

Aurelia - Ladybirds - ' I love cheerleading - I love the pompoms! I can do three circuits now. The dressing up race was funny.'


Emily - Butterflies - 'I loved Sports Week - it was my favourite week so far! I really loved the parachute games, the games were so fun and I loved Sports Day. I would have liked to take part in more races, I was so proud of myself for doing my best in the egg and spoon race.'

Josh - Butterflies - 'I really enjoyed Sports Week because I designed an Olympic mascot and skipping because I did 6 skips in a row. I was proud  of my medal on Sports Day, I was in the winning team and I would have liked to take part in all the races!'


Amelie - Dragonflies - ' I really liked the week because we got to do skipping and I really enjoyed the dodgeball tournaments. I was proud of coming second in the tennis virtual league!'

Abby - Dragonflies - 'Really liked it because I got to try out sports I haven't done before. My favourite sport we tried was tchoukball. I was proud that I competed in the running races!'


Skyla - Squirrels - 'I thought Sports Week was really fun. I liked all the sports we did. I was pleased my team won every game of football. I would like to do more of the sports we don't usually do.'

Theo - Squirrels - 'Sports Week was really fun and entertaining. I enjoyed the team house football the most. I was pleased I got to learn some new games. I would like to do more games that I haven't tried before.'


Zach - Otters - ' I thought Sports Week was great. I was tired everyday when I went home because I'd done lots of sports! I enjoyed the relay the most, I thought I did really well. I enjoyed learning skipping and I would like to do more.'

Olivia - Otters - 'I really liked Sports Week because I like doing sport. I loved making the medals and sports day itself was fun. I am pleased that I got to try some new sports like squash and tchoukball. I'd like to play tchoukball again.'


Amy - Foxes - 'I enjoyed learning about the new disciplines from the sports coaches that came in. I liked the competitive atmosphere and enjoyed tchoukball and cheerleading as the dancing felt fun. I am proud of learning new sports and having a go at them.

Oliver - Foxes - 'I liked the fact it was a whole week so you get the chance to try lots of different sports. I enjoyed our interhouse hockey tournament and the personal challenges because I could improve my own abilities.'


Luca - Badgers - 'It was great - I liked cheering on my team at Sports Day and doing the sprint. I enjoyed the interhouse cricket contest and was proud of my batting.'

Josh - Badgers - 'I found it fun - it got me excited for the whole week - I like all sports. I really enjoyed Sports Day and tchoukball. I'd like to do more football and contact sports.'


The theme of Arts Week this year was 'The Big Draw' and the aim of this week was to learn and improve on drawing techniques and apply these to our Art work.

Everyone was given a sketchbook to decorate in their own style and use throughout the week. A winner was chosen from each class for their outstanding sketch book design. We think they all looked amazing and showed such creativity!


Sketchbook designs and Winners

Chris Targett is a local artist and illustrator who made some videos for us to watch of his artwork and a drawing workshop on drawing portraits. We thought of questions that we would like to ask Chris and he responded to our questions by a video link. 

Throughout the week a variety of activities took place around the theme of drawing. In Maths shapes were used to make patterns and pictures. We learnt about famous artists and illustrators and found out how they became an artist, what inspired them and also practised drawing in their style. During the week we built up to a 'wow' piece of work which can be seen on each class page. 

Here are some photos of all the activities that took place in each class:


We had James from Your Music School Canterbury in showing us what keyboards can do!

We had some fantastic performing arts workshops courtesy of Little Voices!

Classical Music Assembly

Still image for this video
We were lucky enough to have some classical musicians, The Black Griffin Trio, join us on Wednesday to play to the children and share their love of music. They played a range of classical pieces, got us singing along to The Greatest Showman and invited a pupil to join them to play Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter.

Still image for this video

We also had Sam in showing how to use his wonderful Djembe drums and how to use them!

Still image for this video


Enjoy looking at our Harmony Masterpieces