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National Meadows Day

St. Laurence Church Leaveland

It was with great pleasure that we accepted an invitation to sketch what is living in the churchyard at St Laurence Church.

Our images of flora and fauna are going to be displayed with professional artists in the church from Sat 2nd July.

We are extremely fortunate at Sheldwich that our school is set within a truly beautiful environment. An environment that enables us to support and develop our curriculum for inspirational learning.  During the past couple of years we have been researching how we can embed 'Nature's Principles of Harmony' into our teaching and learning.

Staff have attended training sessions at school and have taken part in The Prince's School of Traditional Arts workshops.  Harmony is an innovative approach to education that puts creativity and sustainability at the centre, exploring the world from a local to global scale through the process of enquiry and engagement with the natural world.  It helps children explain, inspire and address curiosity about Earth and our responsibility to look after it.


So our 'Harmony' journey began, from Little Hedgehogs in our Pre-School to Badgers in Class 6 and the 'Principle of Geometry'.  Nature's geometric patterns and forms are all around us and they remind us that the natural world has an order, a rhythm, and a symmetry to it that creates balance and harmony.

We were one of 13 schools who were part of a research project conducted by Canterbury Christ Church University.  Over the years as our curriculum has developed so too has the embedding of Harmony principles to enable pupils to experience an innovative and exciting curriculum which prepares them for life long learning.