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Hedgehog Release

Hedgehog Release at Lees Court Estate

On Tuesday 15th May the Eco-Council along with representatives from Class R and Little Hedgehogs had the amazing opportunity to be part of a countrywide campaign to protect our native mammal, the Hedgehog.

‘Andrew’s Hedgehog Sanctuary’ in Lincolnshire has been working with large country estates in England, saving poorly and lost hedgehogs, nursing them back to good health and then releasing them into their new homes.

We are the first school in the country to take part and it was our great privilege to visit the Lees Court Estate and watch several hedgehogs scuttle away into the undergrowth.

Molly, our Class 4 Eco-Rep was so inspired by the experience, she has produced a fabulous powerpoint which can be seen on our school website under the tab

Frank and Veronica from the sanctuary commended the children on their awareness of the environment and sensitivity towards the hedgehogs. It was a very proud moment.

Photos of the Hedgehog Release

Photos of the Hedgehog Release 1
Photos of the Hedgehog Release 2
Photos of the Hedgehog Release 3
Photos of the Hedgehog Release 4

Molly's Hedgehog Powerpoint